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  1. This is a guess. Maybe they meant that for purposes of individual offensive production, a goal “counts” for 2 points, an assist for 1. These “points” are not the same as a team’s 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw.
  2. I hope Gomes gets forward and Doucouré mostly stays back. Gomes does well in the middle 60% of the pitch, but generally he’s not box-to-box. He’s very good with the ball at fending off defenders in middle of pitch, and an excellent attacking-passer. Defending not his strength, no pace. Doucouré surely has to be the main defender of our 2 DCMs in this set-up.
  3. Like to see — Olsen Coleman Mina Keane Godfrey Doucouré Holgate James Gomes Richarlison DCL Doucouré (and Coleman and Godfrey at times) to push forward, Holgate to stay back. With Iwobi out, James has to stay at RW. For sort-of-10, Gomes seems better choice than Sigurdsson right now. With 4 matches in next 11 days, some rotation will be necessary. Davies, Sigurdsson, Iwobi will have opportunities in those matches. Bernard, too, if he’s still around. Hope 3 of front 4 can come of
  4. From OS: Ancelotti “confirmed Godfrey will begin the game at centre-back.” That means either Digne or Nkounkou at LB. I’ll guess — Olsen Coleman Holgate Godfrey Digne Doucouré Davies James Gomes Bernard Tosun Bench — Virginia/Lössl, Keane, Mina, Nkounkou, Sigurdsson, Gordon, Iwobi
  5. Two awful giveaways in last minute, Davies and James.
  6. Our passing has returned today to an embarrassing level of incompetence.
  7. I’d guess Wed Jan 20 for reschedule. If we beat Rotherham, we could have 8 matches in January.
  8. Thanks for response. This is a helpful summary plus elaboration on many of the comments during and after the match. The combo of key injuries, insufficient squad depth, and busy schedule did us in. What’s next is now being debated in the SHU thread, with an early consensus on practical necessity of rotation, but with different opinions on Tosun in particular.
  9. I favor London Blue’s suggestion of lots of rotation for this match. I’d prefer some different options, however. More radical/desperate changes, admittedly. The combination of Allan/Digne injuries especially, plus tired legs, might justify a one-time radical rotation. Pickford Coleman Godfrey Keane Nkounkou Kenny Holgate Gordon James Bernard Tosun Maybe even Branthwaite for Keane? If James unavailable, I don’t know, maybe Davies. Or m
  10. This goes beyond Keane, but SteveO’s comment leads me to ask a question. I was unable to watch the match. I’ve read the comments on TT, and have seen references to tired legs, individual poor performances, and differences in squad quality. Here’s the simple question: would the presence of a healthy Allan, Digne, and James likely have made for a much better performance? Seems the obvious answer is “Yes.” Even with these 3, our overall squad quality is still not top 5. But with major injuries, especially in the midst of so many matches, second choice players and tired legs means ugly p
  11. Sure sounds like either no changes from Arsenal or maybe one — Coleman in at RB, Holgate moving from RB to DM, replacing Davies.
  12. Tough decisions for Ancelotti, with crowded fixtures and injuries to 3 key players. Generally I favor plenty of rotation in busy times. In this case, we have one more day between Arsenal and ManU than between ManU and SheffieldU. I’ll use that as an excuse or rationale for hoping for little rotation for tomorrow, more for Saturday. If in fact Ancelotti rotates, say, none or only one tomorrow, then he’ll surely have to rotate heavily for the weekend. That’s what I hope for, and actually expect. I also hope he uses all 3 subs tomorrow, and all by the 80th minute at the latest. All
  13. The decisions seem to be 3. (1) Who replaces Allan? (2) Who plays RB? (3) Sigurdsson or Gomes? I hope Coleman is held out until next week, ManU. Pickford Kenny/Holgate Mina Keane Godfrey Doucouré Davies/Holgate Iwobi Gomes Richarlison DCL I don’t know whether Kenny is better choice at RB than Davies in midfield. If Kenny starts, then Holgate can serve as holding midfielder, allowing Doucouré options to g
  14. Agree with these observations: work rate, fitness, determination. It’s a running and passing game. We are too often outrun, outworked, outpressed, and outpassed, even by supposedly inferior talent. This is an admirable club. It’s a far from admirable team right now.
  15. Commentator: “Everton, show us who you are.” They did.
  16. Missed opportunities, Sigurdsson mediocre shot, Iwobi 2 poor crosses last 3 minutes. But overall, poor passing, poor pressing, Burnley much more energy.
  17. Had numbers, Iwobi faltered, lost good chance.
  18. It’s a passing game. That’s a disadvantage for us.
  19. I guess Iwobi really is playing RB and Godfrey LB. Gomes looks good, control, passing.
  20. Help. Someone tell me what our formation is, who’s where. Not complaining, I’m just lost on who’s where.
  21. Our passing has been a weakness for several seasons. Opponents know we’ll give up possession in dangerous spots. They wait for our mistakes, pounce, score.
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