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  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of my all time favorite shows. Love this guy.
  2. My daughter turned 6 yesterday. Can't believe how fast they grow up.
  3. Big result for us with Spurs losing against. We really need all three points against West Ham to keep our top 7 hopes alive. We have two games in hand on Spurs, and we're only four points behind.
  4. Indeed. In retrospect, that has worked out perfectly for us.
  5. 1. How so? 2. Looking at our injuries, Godfrey is the only one who has managed to stay healthy, and you could argue that he wasn't brought in to be an immediate first-teamer. I think you're being too hard on Ancelloti given the circumstances. I don't see how their current situations are comparable.
  6. We also can't forget that we've been without Allan and Doucoure for good chunks of the season.
  7. I get what you're saying but I wouldn't throw those two in the pot. I imagine Niels has played more than expected (which is still very little), and Olsen was brought in as a backup to a position you never really want to rotate unless you have to.
  8. Agree 100%. I think he's one of our more technical players. Unfortunately, that doesn't really count for much when he has absolutely no end product.
  9. I think the two most obvious are Delph and Bernard. Delph, because he's just not what we need (nor good enough), and Bernard, because he's obviously not rated by Carlo.
  10. I look at it the other way. I'm amazed that the "Big 6" really don't give a damn about the FA/PL. Only backed out because of fan backlash mostly it seems like.
  11. Bringing Delph on was criminal. As much as I’m on the fence about Davies, there’s no way he offers less than Delph does.
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