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  1. I do think this is the difference between making Top 4 or Top 7.
  2. Hopefully his current form is a sign of things to come. He’s been underwhelming for awhile, but he looks a new man lately.
  3. Keane. Always happy to see his name on the team sheet now.
  4. Hopefully the curse is broken now, and we can go there from now on without the pressure of “haven’t won since...”
  5. Liverpool 2-1 Everton Richarlison
  6. Not looking forward to this one at all. A bad loss here could really derail our season if the Fulham result hasn’t already.
  7. Agreed. I was pretty annoyed when he was taken off.
  8. He got it wrong today, but let’s be honest, if he got everything right he probably wouldn’t be here right now.
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