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  1. No surprise there. It's not a priority at the moment.
  2. Just realized I fucked up his name, and the pun doesn't work.
  3. Imma admit I've never heard of him. I hate myself.
  4. It really bothers me that they're calling him a flop at 20 years old when he's really only been getting minutes at the end of games. Yes, he hasn't lived up to expectations exactly, but christ, it needs to be put into perspective. He was never bought to come in to become an immediate superstar.
  5. No need to quote them. We've moved on for Lukaku. I wish you would too instead of taking every instance to have a swipe at him to try and prove yourself right though.
  6. Of course not. That's not my point though is it?
  7. No, people accepted that Lukaku wasn't a hard-working striker, not that the two were mutually exclusive.
  8. I don't think anyone on this forum has said that a hard-working goal-scorer isn't possible.
  9. Couldn’t watch the match so just now getting a chance to watch the highlights... ...oh boy those were bad goals to concede.
  10. Fucking hell. Nevermind. He's trolling.
  11. It's nothing like that analogy at all. Gibbs was saying he'd "do it again" and Coleman was sticking up for his team. He's not being a shit-talking tough guy. If anything, Gibbs was.
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