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  1. Totally agree with all being said, but the point with the masks is that they can't stop the virus, only slow the spread. By challenging idiots who don't wear a mask inside, all you do is potentially increase the transmission inside that space. If everyone keep their mouth shut and mind their own business in closed spaces, ultimately will do a lot more in the matter of slowing the spread than challenging and yelling at people who will in turn yell back. Also what do you expect, to change their mind and make them behave?
  2. Yeah, he's supposed to fit in Allan's shoes.
  3. I still don't fancy him. I have absolutely no ground to say that, but my intuition says that he's the next Mario Balotelli. We better cash in while his price tag is high.
  4. I would say YES! A Leader, technically reminds of Keane, but more consistent and better with the ball. I doubt Roma will let him go easily though, he's a captain material.
  5. We were a world class defender and a goalkeeper from winning this comfortably.
  6. Does it really matter? He's not our player anymore. I would take Barkley over any of them but that doesn't change anything.
  7. I won't, if he's smart enough he won't either. Everton move is of greater marketing strategy. Better league, better club... Picking Parma for the playing time alone is too risky. Even if he fails to prove himself here, he'll move to better club (see Kean). If he fails at Parma, he pretty much has to start over.
  8. What if we finish fifth and lose on the FA cup final?
  9. He couldn't the past 3 seasons, why now when he's soon to be 34? A big no from me. We need more players with future like Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin. Experience is already there in the likes of Allan and James. We are missing players with hunger for glory, enough with the "one last paycheck" seekers.
  10. Anyone watching Aston Villa giving a proper spanking to Arsenal? I would have half their first team in a heartbeat at Everton, particularly their attacking four, and it looks it will be a massive improvement on what we have. It hurts me to say this, but Barkley is one of them.
  11. I think he meant 12 years of Ancelotti's career as a manager.
  12. I'm glad Trump is out. Now I hope Biden will retire within a year and Kamala Harris will become the new president.
  13. Was about to say this could be a serious injury for Pickford. Van Dijk picked the short straw here. Those who claim a keeper should not be doing such tackles, what was Pickford supposed to do? To put his head under Van Dijk's buttons?
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