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  1. https://www.howestongolfcourse.com.au/ AU$25 to play here... Definitely Accessible
  2. He's also been very niggly. Given away a few fouls but letting there players know there in a game
  3. Thought he was pretty decent myself. He was also moving into space most of the time wanting the ball. Unlike some of our midfielders last season who would move towards an opposition player so the ball wouldn't come to them
  4. In the tunnel before the match he did not acknowledge any United player. Had the fuck off don't talk to me face on. Great to see
  5. Will try and answer later. Just got back from Japan and stayed up till 3:00am to watch us valiantly lose again. Peace out Brother 😁
  6. Don't have to get me... I think that Silva could have made a difference in our games. He is still very inexperienced as a Manager.. I haven't given up on him but I still think that he could have done better
  7. I can still make the observation that I think Silva has not made the right decisions. Your last sentence is out of line. I have once made a similar inference on this site to a fellow Evertonian and I was wrong in doing thatIn all our games this season, Silva's game management has been absolute shite. I can't think of one time that anything he's done has made a difference. Either no subs or way too late
  8. My point is that if you look at all our matches other than the WH game and maybe an other one, this is discounting subs for injury, he does not make meaningful subs. They are mostly after 70 minutes
  9. What's a quarterback? Never seen than that position in football. Your talking about what it's... this season Silvas game management has been shite. I wish that we could win every game but I don't think he has changed anything during any game. The signings that have been made are very positive but Silva just doesn't change anything during the match.
  10. I don't need your respect mate... I am making an observation on what I have seen from watching the marches this season. I dont expect us to always win but a manager needs to make changes if things aren't going right and if you look at all our losses, then you will see that Silva has either not done anything or been too late in any changes he has made. I still think he has a lot to learn as a manager and I hope for Evertons (supporters) that he does.
  11. And there what is? Tell me a meaningful sub he has made
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