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  1. If one angle shows his studs hitting his leg, then the studs hit his leg mate. Because other angles don’t pick it up doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just so we’re all clear, contact doesn’t have to made to be a dangerous tackle either. The rules state that if a tackle is made with studs of the ground... it’s a red. It was a red regardless of any team he plays for. Fair play to Richarlison, he recognises that himself. We should be moving on from last matches tackles in any case. We got a point from an excellent goal from DCL and stayed top of the league. COYB’s!!!!
  2. To be fair the media seems to have the same opinion of him. I don’t get why we’re not allowed to criticise players when they aren’t performing? Every person on this site has criticised players at some point, but if certain characters do.... it seems to be outlawed? Some feel he hid, others feel he didn’t, but had a bad game.... it’s pretty unanimous that this was far from his best game. Why does it matter if certain people say it? These personality attacks are getting real boring... seems to be in every thread recently. Drop it and get back to discussing the player, g
  3. Nothing to worry about mate, we can always stick Bolasie up top.... we kept him just for you 😉
  4. I wasn’t even Gana mention him mate. I’m not like that! Were Lu? I mean you?
  5. We support diversity on TT Palf! Why does the Godfrey thread have to be all about him? Let’s bring everyone into it 😉
  6. He didn’t look to be stretching at all? Couldn’t he have just swing his leg at it and cleared it? He just seemed to prod it for me. Lazy attempt at best. I expect that kind of thing from myself at 47 haha. Though i would be on the floor holding my groin seconds later 😂
  7. Was thinking exactly the same watching him yesterday.
  8. Proud to call him a blue. Great guy! Great player, has the whole world ahead of him if he wants it. Honoured to have him here.
  9. Replays show Richarlisons studs clearly hitting his ankle mate. Can’t really defend that one. pickfords was awful and we were lucky. Agree with Robertson, he should have been getting a Ellie at least for that. Mane’s was not quite as bad as Pickfords, but deserved a yellow, and his diving was way over the top.
  10. A little bit excitable, seemed to lose the ball inbetween his own feet. But I guess this is down to trying to hard on his debut. Looked pacy, aggressive, and not scared to do a Jags and get in the way of the ball. Looking forward to seeing more of him.
  11. Don’t spoil the day, we’ll worry about that tomorrow.... let’s just think fluffy rainbow bears and Everton at the top of the league haha!
  12. Below his usual standard, and we’ve dropped points.... drop him for Bolasie!!!!!
  13. Ye I got confused with the reds there haha. Was thinking about Richarlisons red. It depends on what the ref puts it down as on his report. Dangerous play, or violent conduct. Dangerous play is a basic red and comes with a one match ban.
  14. I agree. A terrible tackle, but not malicious, so not violent conduct. It will be a one match ban I would have thought. We got lucky, let’s accept it.
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