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  1. He needs this badly. Watched him last night in the mini derby. At times he looks strong and a nuisance, but lacks that composure when gets chances at the moment. Should have scored two at least. Seemed to have worked on his work rate a bit though, did well fighting for the ball up top, but still holds the ball like a school fence at the moment. Cant wait to see how he does at senior level, this could really make him.
  2. I think he played ok, but there was a lot of arms in the air moments from him, which was the result of bad control or bad first touch. He may have touched the ball the same amount of times as DCL would on that position, but he was around 10% as affective at holding the ball up there for us. now don’t get me wrong, DCLs strength is his hold up play. So it’s unfair a comparison. But there was a huge difference, and Gylfi felt this.... you could see his frustration.
  3. Thought exactly the same. Did everything right running to the corner, but then wasted it. Should have just held on and played for a foul or corner. Had a really good game though. He is getting better all the time. My biggest gripe is that he COULD drive us forward much more, he often has the opportunity but seems to decide to wait for the defenders to catch up first. For all Richarlisons faults, he does this very well. Just drives forward and gets a foul, or creates an attack. Im hoping it’s just a confidence thing with him, and after he has taken a few more players on,
  4. Aston Villa 1-2 Everton Richarlsion.
  5. One thing it did show was our lack of depth up top. Yes we came away with a win, and that’s great. But we could play that game again and get a totally different result. For long periods, we just kept the ball at the back, because as soon as we moved it forward we lost it. We won the game through two moments of magic. I mentioned in the MoM thread, that no one stood out at all. No one was bad either, but it was a strange game, and one I wouldn’t want to see is set up the same again.
  6. Keane. Every header went close to the half way line, other than the one that tucked right in the back of the net. Don't think anyone had a bad performance tonight. No one really stood out either, it wasn’t one of those matches. But we stuck to it and did a proper professional job.
  7. Scariest part of it for me. no pain, just pure panick. and then looking up to see an 8 year old kid so upset...heart-breaking mate.
  8. No comparison mate, mine is just a reality check that's all. Thank you, will pass it on to Anna. no idea how as we were pretty careful, but she does work for the NHS so could be she picked it up from there.
  9. Feeling better the last few days, but very weak and dizzy. imagine watching Everton on a running streak for five matches and then getting to the last match of the season where we just need a draw against Sheff U to qualify for the champions league! Well I feel like I would after that match, deflated, weak and losing the will to live Honestly though, I seem to be pulling through now, but Anna seems to be struggling more
  10. Maybe you don’t believe the strength of this persons convictions. If you ask me if I support Everton for example, and I’m in a room full of Shite supporters..... I’m going to two you in a very loud and forceful voice that I do. That’s because I support my own convictions. The only reason I would deny it, would be I didn’t. I don’t rate Tosun as a player, even after scoring the other night I thought he was still crap. But I have no reason to think he would stand up on TV and support this group... then totally back down and clam up when asked about it. If he supported them, I w
  11. Guys. I have spent the last 12 days isolated at home with Anna as both of us tested positive for Cibd19. I don’t usually post on things like this, as I don't like to get into conversations that people have such strong views on. But I think I have a duty to let people know my own experiences.... then they can make up their own minds. the last two weeks have been absolute hell. I recently started a kitchen fitting company and have since not worked a day. Business has stopped as people needed their work completed and had to go elsewhere. The financial difficulties have been t
  12. Unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast mate. We live in a society where we look for negatives at all times. Myself, I choose to believe he was just celebrating scoring a goal.... like he said himself.
  13. Nutmeg.... but that’s the point! He didn’t publicly support them. He did the EXACT opposite and say that he has never heard of them. That he was just thanking god because it had been so long since he had scored a goal. That’s the exact opposite of supporting them. He publicly said that he had no idea who they were, and that he wasn’t supporting them. It’s too easy these days to find something negative in everything people do. When sometimes they just simply raise their fo gets to the air to celebrate a goal.
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