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  1. Recruitment hasn’t been great since he’s been here. We heard so much about him. Yet here we are with no back up striker. No right mid. No creativity when James isn't on the pitch. It’s time for brands to earn his salary. We are looking like we haven’t moved on from where we were 18 months ago.
  2. We can put him in midfield or up front if he comes.
  3. I think it’s probably he has a slight injury, but the club want to use it as an excuse for our poor form.... too many Injurys. Sorry, so deflated tonight.
  4. No need to be be a twat about it and show off! Some of us had to sit here and ensure this!!!!! Bloody ok for some isn’t it 😉
  5. Other than that run at the start... no. We’ve been the premier leagues bore team. Even West Brom are more exciting than us 🙁
  6. Not sure why everyone’s complaining, we’ve held Brighton to a 0-0.... that’s a result for our level. That’s the most we deserved for the last six or seven matches. Its showing just how important that run at the start of the season was. Since then We’ve been bottom eight as far as performance goes. enjoying this about 1% more than when Sam was in charge.
  7. That’s a lukakuesque type goal.
  8. Back on to Keane. He is still our number one CB for me. He isn’t perfect by a long stretch, but I always feel much more comfortable seeing his name on the team sheet than not. Ideally he would be much more tougher and combative, a bit like Godfrey. But that isn’t him.
  9. Agreed. He isn’t daft and has been here many times. He isn’t going to throw his strategy out there for others to jump in first. We are covered for the future, but he did say FUTURE, doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for a solid experienced leader back there.
  10. He does Matt. He keeps defenders occupied on him and stretches opposition defences. And like Richie, how many defensive headers does he make at the near post. I also think Dom gets an unfair ride when it comes to his technical ability. He has a decent touch on him and can take a player on. The other week he sent Richie through for two one on ones that if scored would have been labelled as assists.
  11. Of all the chances the easiest was the one on one for Dom. The view from behind the goal shows he has so much of the goal gaping for him, but hit the keeper. Terrible miss for me. But I still have faith in him and I am sure he will start hitting the back of the net again.
  12. Ok now I love Carlo, but come on hahaha! World at his feet.... ye let’s go to Everton.
  13. Brighton 0-7 Everton Hibbert! If Hibbert doesn’t play then I’ll go with Richarlison. That confident he will score in putting a tenner on him!!!!!
  14. Agreed. He try’s to split them. If he stays with his man, he makes it an easy decision for the other attacker. Coaches teach defenders to make the attacker make the decision. Split the attackers and make the angle as difficult as possible, makes a pass more difficult and usually creates indecision.
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