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  1. No mate, your fine…. Mine is gone!
  2. No idea where my head is…. It’s Saturday haha
  3. Sorry tomorrow night. Man U friendly i think.
  4. Anyone know if we have Dom available for tonight’s friendly?
  5. Bailey has lots of interesting points to discuss… we could be here for another 10 pages!
  6. That is true… we should make this whole thread about Bailey and keep it going 😉 No idea if he is a good player, but he would make a great Stato!
  7. So…. We’re still not buying this guy then?
  8. Typical TT, we comment more on transfers we’ve missed than any others haha!
  9. To be fair I haven’t been taking too much notice of other teams, so not sure how they have strengthened. What I would say though, is they aren’t buying top four players. They are looking in the same markets as us. Although they are buying from that market, where we are just browsing!
  10. Ye I agree, 2/3 that can slot into the team and make a difference would be massive for us. Sorry I misunderstood. Thought you looking for major changes. 50+m mark. But totally agree a few first team signings are needed to compete.
  11. Watching him I have been surprised. The speed of his feet at times is something no other player in our team has got. Your’e spot on with his head. If he can be coached right, we may have a bargain on our hands.
  12. We need our players to perform. We don’t need major signings. We need a couple of strengtheners, but we don’t need a massive squad overhaul. A couple of first team players and suddenly were a different team. Ok, we’re not going to be challenging for the top four, but I do find this fighting for relegation talk a bit ridiculous. Other teams moving away from us for example. So a Leon Bailey for Grealish is a good swap? Of course it isn’t. Villa will be weaker for it. There’s a reason Man City are going for Grealish and not Bailey. Grealish is a top player, Bailey is a mid table player.
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