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  1. Please please come back. Just one good leg is better than what is on the pitch currently.
  2. I thought he was one of the better players last week. Looked much more back himself.
  3. Hope he isn’t like the rest of back four and chicken out of tackles!
  4. Better than I thought then.
  5. To be honest mate, no. He challenged for the ball, lost a 50/50. Any footballer knows, set up for the corner and defend it. Makes no difference who gave it away, set up and defend. We didn’t do that.
  6. Pickford. Didn’t do much wrong and saved a few really good efforts. Coleman showed why he will end up on the wall of fame. Keane was solid. Iwobi? I don’t get it? Is his dad the president or something? Black book on all managers? Just does t make sense! What are others seeing that fans don’t? It’s getting a bit embarrassing.
  7. I agree. With a different team we can win that. With the team we had out, we got outplayed, out battled, and put scored. We were nowhere near good enough to win that game. We did well. 0-1 is excellent with that performance.
  8. He has looked two tiers above us today.
  9. Sorry mate, I think we’ve been outplayed all game. Yes there are moments where things could have been different….. but overall, they have outplayed us and looked like a top six side against a mid table team.
  10. Simple…. This is what Moyes can do with decent players. They have come here and played like a team that are a league above us. Point: Gordon v Rice. That literally looked like a boy v man. Weve been so lucky today.
  11. Been the best player on the pitch to be fair. He has been the last defender stopping our attacks and comes up with a goal. We have Iwobi and Rondon 🙄
  12. This just isn’t the same Rondon that Newcastle had is it? Ours seems weak in the air, slow in the challenge, and just no go in him.
  13. It’s such a weird match isn’t it. We seem to be scared of the ball…. Yet we’ve created the better chances.
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