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  1. Per usual, he sets an example of being a decent guy, good citizen, and a role model in using his influence and resources to help others... Class act - I hope that someone recognizes his talent and that he can become some sort of spokesperson for a football charity when his playing days end.
  2. I don't believe Everton had training today either. Seriously people need to get a life - if he is consistently underperforming in training due to being hungover or going out on the town the night before matches, it'd be an issue. Otherwise, he's enjoying his 20's like most of the Twitter critics did/do.
  3. Zero chance of Pochettino. He's tempting United to sack Solskjaer. Otherwise, he'll wait for that job, or perhaps entertain Arsenal or tempt Bayern. Real Madrid are never too long from a managerial vacancy either....
  4. Great business minus centerback, which could prove to be scary. Completely reliant on Keane continuing good form and Mina coming good, both of which are shaky. After that, thinking about the cover behind them is just frightening.
  5. Glad he's gone if for no reason other than not having to one of our players referred to as "Pickles".
  6. This. This isn'tt his level. I'm sure he will make a good Championship defender and he should find a side sooner rather than later, and we shouldn't pin false hopes that he's the answer.
  7. The path to Champions League, or Top 6, starts with a European ban and/or transfer ban to one or more of the big 6.
  8. Your hyperbolic reaction and non-appreciation for my background (that gives me unique expertise here) aside, my original point that we are still miles off Spurs, the least financially strong of the "big six", stands whether you're capable of comprehending that or not.
  9. Right... Moshiri is worth ~$1.5 billion - he can't bankroll us, or wouldn't be wise to, to keep up with the likes of Spurs or City. We'd also be in violation of financial fair play, but please feel free to debate me, a finance professional, on this.
  10. 2017-2018 Turnover: City: 470m pounds Spurs: > 300m pounds Everton: ~170m pounds
  11. Good post - I work in aviation and saw this quote and was going to post it but you beat me to it! Aerospace is one of the few manufacturing industries where the UK (and the US...) still have a leading presence.
  12. We don't have anywhere near the financial clout of Spurs, much less City.
  13. Is the Den/Millwall fans still as.... rough and tumble as their reputation?
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