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  1. Weird move to the UAE in the middle of his career (28 years old) - either they're the only ones that'll take on his wages or hopefully they're paying him several multiples of what he could earn in another competitive league... Have to think he would alright for himself in Spain or France.
  2. The worst thing I've ever witnessed watching a football match live. Hands down. Amazing response from the medical staff, class by the fans staying in and chanting. Simon Kjaer appears to have acted like quite a hero today, consoling Eriksen's girlfriend, rushing to Eriksen's side - the Danish players fantastic for building a wall for privacy. Amazing ending though, that he's conscious and speaking and that his condition improved rapidly. What a miracle today was - could've been a tragedy....
  3. I've been a three times for leisure. I generally try to go "abroad", as while the States have plenty of neat cities and beautiful scenery, culturally it's a bit monolithic. Portugal was my personal favorite.
  4. Also considering Greece in August/September, but obviously a much longer haul from the States... I'm still not certain about long haul travel given the U.S. reentry testing requirements (highly inconvenient, if fair).
  5. There's a nihilistic cynical view that just wants to watch this to see the chaos and how bad the ESL and associated fallout is. Not my point of view, but there are moments where I just want to be rid of all the greed in this game and I'm like "let it happen. let these bastards have what they want"
  6. Great gift. I was unaware of this thread, but certainly we could probably all add a lot more to a "booze thread" after 2020... Mark, I've never found a Malbec I could enjoy much - Do you have other wino friends that have opinions on them? I'm curious if most people are like me with a binary (I "like" or "don't like") Malbecs. As for me, I've found Tempranillos (and Spanish wine in general) to be good value for money. The tempranillo is full-bodied and tasty, but isn't as in your face as a lot of my local California reds...
  7. This. I honestly wish we had just Koeman a bit more time to try and find our feet - It was going to be a lost season, but no way we would've gotten relegated. Watching Allardyce was painful.
  8. Per usual, he sets an example of being a decent guy, good citizen, and a role model in using his influence and resources to help others... Class act - I hope that someone recognizes his talent and that he can become some sort of spokesperson for a football charity when his playing days end.
  9. I don't believe Everton had training today either. Seriously people need to get a life - if he is consistently underperforming in training due to being hungover or going out on the town the night before matches, it'd be an issue. Otherwise, he's enjoying his 20's like most of the Twitter critics did/do.
  10. Zero chance of Pochettino. He's tempting United to sack Solskjaer. Otherwise, he'll wait for that job, or perhaps entertain Arsenal or tempt Bayern. Real Madrid are never too long from a managerial vacancy either....
  11. Great business minus centerback, which could prove to be scary. Completely reliant on Keane continuing good form and Mina coming good, both of which are shaky. After that, thinking about the cover behind them is just frightening.
  12. Glad he's gone if for no reason other than not having to one of our players referred to as "Pickles".
  13. This. This isn'tt his level. I'm sure he will make a good Championship defender and he should find a side sooner rather than later, and we shouldn't pin false hopes that he's the answer.
  14. The path to Champions League, or Top 6, starts with a European ban and/or transfer ban to one or more of the big 6.
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