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  1. I expect better from you Matt. In one thread you say you won’t tar all the shite fans with the same brush and then you misconstrue my opinion of brands and exaggerate. Never said he was shite. Said he was good not great and not elite. How about taking everyone where they are at, or is that just for shite fans?
  2. great to have you back aidan, i've always enjoyed your posts. you have a nice sarcastic wit
  3. It’s good news but a little sad. Had we had our shot together when Tim Howard and Landon Donovan played for us we could have grown with the US fans exponentially. I was bitching back then about the lack of US love. Oh well, at least they are getting it together now.
  4. yeah same things shukes said, more diamond in the roughs since that's what he's known for. to be honest chelsea has a woman who wasn't in football as their DOF running their stuff, so as far as Brands "handling the day to day" i don't really give shit, chelsea prove you can put any Exec there and get the job done. i care about the football, and he had nothing to do with our biggest signings, they were all down to the managers. Godfrey and Branthwaite initially look great but time will tell i'm not ready to say success story yet. The outgoings have been less than stellar. i was hoping he w
  5. Class through and through. Tuchel and poch both playing him.
  6. Yea I would. I want an older vet ok to be a bit part player.
  7. We spent 30m on bolasie, thats nothing for a top young RB
  8. I backed him the last time but I’ve come around to this as well ste. Gotta treat him like he’s not in the squad if he comes good, then great, but we can’t rely on him.
  9. Every team needs squad players and depth. At his wages and age he isn’t going anywhere but as the lads have said he works his ass off whether you like him or not. Managers like him, we know that because he plays matches. He’s not de bruyne but he will continue to be a solid option off the bench until his contract ends.
  10. Hey never said I knew it all just the way I feel about brands. I’ve been one of his biggest backers since day one I’ve only recently come to feel this way based on his longer tenure now. You’re right I don’t know everything he does or doesn’t do, his contract is up we’ll see what moshiri and Carlo (you know moshiri will ask his input) think this summer if he gets renewed or let go.
  11. i disagree, we have no attacking depth, richi dcl james go down we are screwed, we have a dearth of CM (i know some are pedestrian). CB RB and Fowards for me. get a loaned CM in.
  12. Ste i think he means well and is trying, totally, it's not that he isn't good at his job, it's that he isn't elite. he'd be great at Soton or Newcastle or West Ham or any club like that just happy to be in the premier league. Doing the day in/out of continuing that. Liverpool got the guy from Dortmund, already winning things and aiming for nothing but the best. City got the guy from Barca. We got a guy from the dutch league. The pedigree isn't there, and honestly at this level it might be something. The connections, relationships, experience, i'm saying he might be missing that extra 5
  13. more i think about this more excited, this guy and godfrey/keane/holgate/branthwaite (we have good 2nd CB depth) would be excellent. Aarons at RB and that back 4 is SOLID. Focus on RW and CM and we're off.
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