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  1. its 100% true, they destroyed a massive land preserve in michigan. the government wouldn't sell them the land so they bought land next to it and sucked all the water out of the ground, preserve is a wasteland now. to your point of big corporations yes i agree they are all evil, i'm not a capitalist.
  2. Awful company gobbling up natural resources (water) and destroying nature and communities for money.
  3. negotiation tactic, he knows we are stuck with him and the salary, pay him half and cut him loose. he seems like he would rather play, so make a deal and get rid. any loan will cover a pittance anyways.
  4. wow 8 players from that list that are/were good (stones walker henderson sterling kane vardy rooney rashford). rest were/are average at best. england really has improved in quality.
  5. came in with all the skills, had some mental health issues and he never quite recovered. time to move him on just to save on wages.
  6. i'm fine with this transfer, it's 1.5m and he's a squad player, this is more of a lottery ticket type signing, either it goes well or it doesn't but it was a $1 scratch off, no biggie. i liked him at leicester, i hope he's found some new motivation.
  7. Spend 9m extra and get Aarons. Might have a reasonable agent too
  8. Lovely left peg on him and he’s fast as hell. He would be lethal on the counter with those 2
  9. i like ESPN+ but i have young kids so already have a disney+ subscription so ESPN+ is free for me (hulu too) so just disney+ and netflix for me, got a friends login for HBO max i'm set, 31 dollars a month is all i'm on the hook for.
  10. it is strange, dempsey was from texas maybe he got all those kids excited.
  11. in spain they are required to have release clauses, so all of them are outrageous. they don't mean anything, you negotiate and the player agrees to forgo the clause or something like that. i feel like i remember @Zoo 2.0 educating us on the matter at one point but i can't find the post. not sure if i got it right, feel free to correct/admonish me Zoo
  12. Sweden is their bogey team, knocked them out of the last Olympics. We did manage to beat them in the World Cup, but for some reason in the Olympics we lose to them.
  13. I wonder if it’s like baseball where due to weather they can play year round unlike up north here. Or the prevalence of Latino Americans who revere the game, probably both.
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