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  1. more of the second half, less of the first half. happy to win, frankly it's burnley at home anything less than a win is unacceptable. next week should be a good test with villa.
  2. i've got a new fan, welcome to the club. and he very well may be, he might not do anything of note for the rest of the campaign. i'm not going to keep comenting on your hot takes, you aren't objective. lucky with the offside there
  3. i always enjoy when we score. as i have said repeatedly, wait till the end of the season to evaluate him. mirallas has some great streaks in him too. if he can deliver this consistently, you can have your cake and eat it too.
  4. wait till the end of the campaign. your small sample size hot takes need tempering
  5. 5 centrebacks at HOME to burnley, we have 46% possession, yes burnley FUCKING burnley have more possession than us at home Rafa benitez folks. not a fan.
  6. this makes no sense, this kid wouldn't even beat out kenny, why pay 10m for him? WTF
  7. on the college front i loved seeing texas lose, they have been a shitshow ever since they fired Mack Brown and i'm loving it. Welcome to mediocrity. Jacksonville St. beating FSU was another glorious moment for fans of the underdog. Notre dame keeps barely squeeking by against bad teams, and i'm just really hoping they get walloped in the coming weeks when they play some serious teams (wisconsin, cincy, va tech, NC). i've never liked notre dame, my brother and i have a hatred for them. we grew up without cable tv, when we went to watch college football it was only nbc, abc, cbs and the fucking fighting irish were always on NBC regardless of the opponent. it drove us nuts. the media acts like they are gods or something i can't stand it, if they were in a decent conference they would be a nothing. ...morning rant over.
  8. I love Rodgers, not sure what happened with the president and GM and him, but he’s one of the greats.
  9. Yes I agree he hasn’t shown much but we were trying to play attacking football with him. With punt and run Rafa Kenny might work well.
  10. Good try but he’s not 32. If I am Chelsea fan I’m pissed off for sure
  11. Side note pulisic injured again. He is made of glass, he is constantly injured with club and country. The less we rely on him the better just because he’s never fit. I hope the best for him but he’s been like this for a couple years now.
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