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  1. lol my bad. why would you want godfrey over kenny if both are fit?
  2. he must not rate kenny, i'm sure in the offseason RB will be a priority along with GK and Striker. Kenny will be sold. Coleman to be rotation piece on the bench.
  3. makes you smile doesn't it! everyone was all gung ho for Leicester because they knew they were drop back to obscurity within a decade. Everton? yeah, i don't think many will be rooting for us knowing we have belonged the whole while, just needed to get our shit together. we have the fan base, new stadium coming, the elite are shitting themselves.
  4. When you talk scores are you playing a full 18 or just 9? Might be a culture thing but when I golfed (and my father too) it was always 9. I think I played a full 18 maybe 5 times In my whole life. Although over here the public courses are usually smaller, whereas the country clubs are big and nice but you have to be rich or your parents be rich to have a membership.
  5. Iwobi is supposed to be a creative player. So is bernard. I would expect them to be the replacement and do the creative work. Doucoure isn’t a forward so I don’t see what he has to do with James.
  6. ? we are putting doucoure on the right of a forward 3? WTF you talking about. it will be a big test for Iwobi/Bernard/Gordon whomever comes in for James and Richarlison.
  7. injured players have been sold at the deadline before. all the turks left the forum so we don't have anyone to offer their insight sadly. he was a beast for besiktas (in the turkish league), i would think they'd be jumping to get him back.
  8. yes, i just think he loves the glamour names and if there is some possibility of "big shot sporting director" being available or coming cheaply due to Carlo, i can see him thinking about it.
  9. yeah i've been thinking about this one. overall in my opinion, he has done more good than bad. he seems to get along with everyone and is a net positive, i think he should be extended. i am wondering though if moshiri who we all know loves a big name is instead thinking of some big name retread, a leonardo, or someone who's worked with Carlo before.
  10. damn. what's wrong with James? just roughed up from the derby? Pickford Kenny Keane Mina Digne Allan Doucoure Gomes Iwobi DCL Bernard
  11. 20.33 BST: Everton were unable to offload Turkish forward Cenk Tosun this summer and we might have an answer as to why. Turkish outlet Fotospor reports that Everton offered Tosun to his former club Besiktas, as well as arch-rivals Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. This reportedly angered Besiktas, with the Turkish club electing to pull out of negotiations. Rivalry runs deep we guess! just wanted to share this.
  12. Started reading “The Witcher” books. Apparently a cult favorite in his native Poland and other eastern euro countries his books were translated to English and turned into a Netflix show. I loved the show so since it’s on hiatus due to Covid I bought the books. Good read so far, enjoyable fantasy
  13. agreed, also would like to add the "cancel culture" whereby someone does one thing wrong and society writes them off completely. one of the many reasons i don't participate in social media any more.
  14. as has been said, it was 50/50 and any GK worth a lick is doing the same thing. that's why there's no reason to apologize. it's part of the game. freak accident, had nothing to do with jordan. VVD is a CB, WTF is he in the 6 yard box?
  15. the way i see it, allan is the deepest and doing the most defending, the least in attack. doucoure does equal parts defense and attacks and has the pace/stamina to be running all over the place. gomes is doing the least defending and is doing the most in linking the attack and helping transitions to be fast and to be available to link up with the forwards.
  16. no reason for him to apologize, was a standard tackle.
  17. Gonna be honest as an American I didn’t see as much of the bias. But after this incident it’s clear it’s us against the world. Thankfully we have a great squad manager and owner so I think we are well positioned. But this has really opened my eyes. I hope the lads enjoy their backs against the wall and use it to motivate them. COYB
  18. i agree, people are getting confused because they expect him last year, HE'S NOT PLAYING THAT POSITION ANYMORE. he's the top of the midfield three. Doucoure is now doing what Andre did last year. Change your expectations folks.
  19. sounds confident and excited and willing to learn and grow, all things we want from a player.
  20. Agreed, it was a 50/50 ball. Had it gone in as a goal we’d be roasting him. He did the right thing.
  21. in case anyone forgot we are still top of the table and undefeated
  22. he was off the pace today but i wouldn't say he was hiding. just not a good game for him. gylfi didn't do much better when he was on. due to our players now the more advanced of the midfield 3 doesn't see the ball as much (we go through the flanks alot or James) and since they are more advanced they don't defend as deep either so we don't see them smothering with a press. we just need them to be able to link midfield to attack and do it quickly which andre does well with his passing range and quickness. like bailey said against a team that will give us space you will see a lot
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