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  1. Put him on 60k and tell him he can ply his trade on a champions league team not a championship league team.
  2. I don’t remember him from Brighton matches, is he that good? Never stood out
  3. Yeah the touchback was a helmet to helmet hit, should have never been a touchback, should have been a penalty. Oh well. Our defense needs help badly and both tackles were our injured so get em next year
  4. Congrats @Sibdane and @dunlopp9987 on the packers win! I was glad to see the bills win too. Great games today as well, go browns!
  5. Howes wife hated the weather up north in England, just wait till they’re in Scotland. If he could learn Spanish he would be better suited to that league and his wife could have her weather too
  6. surprised to see clattenburg call out the shite, then again defending united so i guess it's business as usual https://www.espn.com/soccer/liverpool-engliverpool/story/4287714/liverpools-klopp-is-a-hypocrite-over-penalty-jibe-his-players-dive-too-former-referee-clattenburg
  7. not sure about the UK vaccine haf, but the US ones (Pfizer or Moderna) don't affect the transmission of the disease. they just make it so you can't get it. you can still be a carrier for it. there is supposed to be a johnson and johnson one forthcoming that does affect the transmission, it hasn't passed muster yet
  8. the uk variant is a good point bailey, but i still fault Villa, they can and should be doing more. plus it's the responsibility of the players to be smart and have a small bubble. thankfully our players seem to be mature and limit outside contact. as to the browns, there was never an outbreak the CDC and NFL both said browns are doing everything well and are a model team in how they handle it. it was all coming from the outside. Villa looks more like an outbreak.
  9. This is the first of 5 matches in 15 days (Leicester, Newcastle, Leeds, Man U). It will be a trying period so let's hope we stay healthy and keep picking up points. As to this match, we will have had 11 days off since Wolves, so we should be rested and getting people back from injury and into full fitness. I think we should go full strength, go up 3-0 and pull some starters around the 60' mark. not sure if carlo will do the same. Olsen Coleman Mina Keane Digne Doucoure Dav
  10. what a name though, 2 last names. never heard of anyone called "Steny" before.
  11. agreed. actually it is. the NFL has been dealing with it all season. my cleveland browns have had players testing positive every week. they do exaclty what albany said, close facility, contact trace, quarantine those in close contact, more tests (everyone is tested twice daily) and re-open with non-positive non-close contact players. guess what? no outbreak. they are all getting it from outside people. it does work. the false negatives are easy to weed out, more tests weeds them out.
  12. got part 1 of the vaccine today (i work for a hospital). last dose is in a couple of weeks. i feel fine
  13. Why are they getting positive tests? Barkley and grealish still hitting the clubs?
  14. did a job out of position and pressed and harried their defense (despite being slow). not sure what more you want from him as a CF
  15. 7m is a nice fee, we have Schalke to thank for that. loan move was a good one.
  16. exactly. we finally have a manager that when we see a different formation we can say "it's tactical" and believe it. previous managers other formations were simply a reaction to things not working and trying something new. its refreshing.
  17. Watched the goal again, what a sublime cross, just perfect and the swerve on it man oh man. Keep it up andre
  18. For me the repubs reaction is political spin. NOW they vote for impeachment to act like they don’t like him and didn’t support him for 4 years. They’ll use this to wash their hands of him and have Pence be president for a couple days and talk him up. Meanwhile the dumb will fall for it. They aided and abetted him his whole presidency, did nothing about the siege on the capitol but now wanna act like he’s too much. no from me. Anyone linked to trunk should have ads going non stop when they are up for re-election, get them out.
  19. Worth 20 up points this. So many wanted him gone, turns out so many of our issues were management. Thank god we have Carlo.
  20. they are hurting from covid not sure if this will be played or not. smell the blood in the water and kick them while they are down. let's hope DCL is back and we can go close to full strength. Pickford Coleman Mina Keane Digne Davies James Gomes Iwobi DCL Richarlison
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