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  1. To think we were debating which of the relegated players would help and talking about Zaha like it would be a dream or something. FFS we were too small minded, we got world class players and it’s transformed us. Granted it’s all down to carlo but credit to brands moshiri bill for getting him. He was headed on holiday to Vancouver when we got him. What a difference it has made. Wow. MentAlity, work rate, tactics, we finally have a top manager.
  2. It was a fox debTe. Chris Wallace is fox. So trump and co would be blaming their propaganda wing for doing it. there is no depth they won’t stoop to
  3. it's wild to have this new mindset, we can win games. even when we are losing we can win this. we have quality, we have the right mentality. it's beautiful!
  4. he's got to be shitting himself thinking he's going from being relegated to top of the table playing sexy as fuck football.
  5. yeah i was gonna say this too, you can tell he is enjoying being with a manager that appreciates him, and being the top dog here. he doesn't back down from it, he's calling players out, telling them where he wants them, and he always wants the ball. sometimes he can act like a spoiled child (throws up hands when someone makes a bad run) but on the whole very impressed with him.
  6. We have a 2 week lay-off with the international break. Hopefully Allan Gomes and richarlison get healthy. Same lineup as our previous matches before the injuries, give Pickford a chance to prove himself here Pickford coleman keane Mina digne Allan Gomes doucoure james DCL Richarlison
  7. Tough thing with James is he only works hard off the ball for the first 45 minutes, after that he’s walking around. I get it he’s essentially our Messi and when called for he does what he’s supposed to. For me doucoure worked his ass off non stop whistle to whistle so that deserves the motm. He allowed James to not have to track back by his work rate (same with Mina).
  8. he showed today what a few of us who have stood by him have known all along, he is a great CB. i hope he continues to get playing time and grow with keane. very happy for him.
  9. doucoure for me. he was everywhere. mina james dcl did well. everyone did well except pickford and walcott
  10. great result, didn't like the switch off with us up 4-1 but we won. 3 points. on to the break and hopefully we get allan and richarlison back whole
  11. get the CB in and then get a keeper. we have till the 5th
  12. doucoure has been boss, i was so wrong about him. so glad to be wrong
  13. pickford a 3rd error there, thankfully they are shite
  14. goal difference, with our start it's likely to be a factor in this campaign
  15. put on kenny please, we have 2 weeks off and need a full strength side for the derby
  16. saw it, great job james and credit to iwobi
  17. FFS stream glitched again, missed that goal
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