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  1. Rodwell will do a job for a few months. the only way to go from 'bags of potential,' to quality player is play games in the first time isn't it? As for richards being shit, no way hes a little naive, but a decent manager like moyes will improve him 10 fold.
  2. i didnt say he would be back soon. but once hes back, we will 3-4 top quality CB's. & 1 maybe 2 good midfielders and the same up front. if we dont have money to buy without selling then lescott will have to go to fund improving our midfield. Though it would make more sense to wait till january, ill admit that
  3. tbh, i think if we can get 15+ we have to take it. IMO joleon is a quality player but i think CB is a position we have good cover for. we are sadly lacking quality in midfield & up front so reinvesting the lescott money in 1 of them positions would be good business.
  4. IMO we are not far from becoming newcastle, moyes not signing a new contract seems to have sawn the seeds of discontent throughout the squad. The players arnt happy about being told to give their all when moyes wont sign a contract. Either he signs a new contract in the next few weeks or he should go soon. We need to know who is gonna be in charge when the window opens in January. I rate moyes, but if he doesnt want to be here We should get shot of him sooner rather than later.
  5. Agreed, i was close to saying arteta aswell, i cant for life of me remember he last time he got a corner past the first man.
  6. :sick01: Howard for me, far to many mistakes. Cant catch it, cant punch it, cant even push it away properly.
  7. Might be me being pessimistic, but does anyone else think we should enjoy Europe this year cause its gonna be a while before we're back there. Mid table pointlessness here we come. :suicide_anim:
  8. Its alright lads we dont need him, im gonna take my boots this weekend, it will be easy to spot me, ill be the only 1 who looks like he belongs in the midfield at the weekend.
  9. My first reaction wasnt great but i found 1 major plus point..... hes pretty good on fifa
  10. Dreading it tbh. Its scripted for us to lose & take more shite from the RS. As i said leige are very underated.
  11. Love the yak, i find it amazing when he has a burst of life for 10 minutes & chases everything, even closes down the keeper. Then he returns to his walking the dog method football. But he scores goals so i dont care what he does. 25 this year.
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