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  1. Im no accountant but I believe it’s just to delay payment to the summer when tv monies come in and some of our players will be released. So it’s just a way to financially juggle expenditure to delay payment and therefore save money in the short term.
  2. As always you’re correct so my original point stands.
  3. Thinking about it I dont think that can happen as the game in hand is at ours so surely we would need more than two day for safety certificates/ staffing?
  4. Villa have Man City Wednesday. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us be told to play City on Wednesday if Villa aren’t ready.
  5. I feel the same way and I always do the ‘Everton’ test. If we were in Villa’s situation (who are also doing superbly in the league) would we be happy to play and field a team full of u18s. I could only imagine what we would be saying on here. Also how’s that fair on the other 18 clubs in the league that almost get a free 3 points and a chance to significantly increase their goal difference. That’s where the problem really is to maintain the integrity of the league. Somehow those over the park were allowed to bypass that for the FA Cup.
  6. Keep forgetting to predict! 🤦‍♂️
  7. Why not have Pickford or Olsen? Not like they’ll be extending themselves. Hopefully might have another player in by then that can get a run out to integrate.
  8. It did, I just wish he improves his overall decision making. He did all that good work but then didn’t look up and crossed it in to an empty box and possession was lost. In the time he made the run two players had managed to get forward (not as far as the box) and we could have kept the ball better. He’s definitely improved but I hope what we have now isn’t the end product.
  9. His cameo and Gomes’ were good. Nice to be able to bring on players like that when our team is decimated.
  10. Great team selection! Never in doubt 😂
  11. There will be a lot of space for Siggy to pass back into when he’s up top!
  12. Tosun probably pleased. He looked like he wouldn’t be able to walk for a week after playing 120 mins at the weekend.
  13. On a positive I’m sure Nuno hasn’t prepared his side for this.
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