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  1. This game should have been sewn up a long, long while ago.
  2. My one disappointment in all this is that we missed the late 90s early 2000 boat pre FFP. If we were managed properly in this time we could be where city are now. The fact that we are now swimming upstream against these caps mean (unless it get abolished) we’ll struggle to ever get there again.
  3. Am I missing something? In the original article that sparked heated debate the ‘one game changer’ they were relating to was Moshiri. 🤷‍♂️ BK was only one of a number of others mentioned. I personally think we should just celebrate this for what it is. A superb well researched and detailed planning application which looked to seek the views of the city residents, Evertonians, historical organisations, environmentalists etc etc. No stone was unturned. I have my own personal views on all the other stuff but I think the here and now needs to be enjoyed and celebrated. The other stuff should be lef
  4. Brilliant news! So pleased and upset at the same time. The countdown really is on now.
  5. City not looking like they’re enjoying this so far.
  6. I’m not American or vastly knowledgable in the building regulations over here or over the pond. However a quick google and it appears some projects over your way don’t go as easily as you make out. Supreme and Federal Courts getting involved etc There is no way you build a huge stadium on the historic docks of Liverpool with UNESCO world heritage site status and other historic importance and it’s not overseen by government. It’s right it goes there but IMO it’s right it’ll be approved and let’s hope it won’t take them long.
  7. Maybe that’s where we went wrong when the board were told we needed City’s depth to compete 🤔
  8. His crossing is poor and statistics can be used to try and prove all sorts of arguments. Completion usually means that it makes contact with an Everton player following a cross and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good cross. Also what is their definition of a cross? It feels to me that when he passes a ball into the box along the floor he’s much more accurate than when he crosses aerially.
  9. That last line was very ‘Yoda’ that was.
  10. Unless that’s the pre match routine and then sitting on the bench?
  11. My biggest issue with him is end product. Some people quote dribble statistics or the fancy bit of play by the corner flag but I concentrate on the numerous great chances he’s had to cross and they’ve been woeful. He’s energetic around the opposition box and can see a pass but the execution is normally poor. When he does get it to the player it’s often fired in to them at a speed making it almost impossible to control. At the moment I’m just not seeing a player of that value and quality to our side. Love to be proved wrong but suspect I’ll be right.
  12. We were without him for Chelsea and Burnley and we certainly weren’t better off!
  13. That’s my problem with him! If he’s only ok in the position he says is his favourite against a lower league club in poor form where he is the one reliant as being creative in the CAM role, then he’s not good enough for where we need to be.
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