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  1. Really impressed with his interview. Spoke brilliantly. I wish him all the best and look forward to someone that can finally get good quality crosses in from the right.
  2. I completely agree that’s what they’ve done but it’s biting your nose of to spite your face.
  3. I’d take almost anyone over Iwobi.
  4. Because they played roughly half the minutes and created more than half the chances made. Also goals and assist are similar. Reduction in wages for one player vs two would be a bonus. I think all three are poor.
  5. Result Wednesday now. I hope we do keep it in spite of this as having it is surly better than not especially as the rest of the Liverpool Waters project now has the green light. Having a top culturally sympathetic stadium in a world heritage site would be a nice have. If we lose it, so be it, their loss.
  6. Although it’s wrong! His xA per 90 is 0.15 and James is 0.28. I don’t think he’ll of added much a few seasons ago let alone now. Feels like Theo MK2.
  7. As a southern season ticket holder I struggle to get up for the midweek matches due to my son at school and work so on a selfish front I hope they keep the stubhub deal.
  8. That and the football might not be entertaining enough especially if results don’t come quickly. Towards the end of last season the only reason the fans didn’t turn was because he was ‘Ancelotti’. Rafa I worry won’t have that luxury.
  9. Standard Everton announcement. I said the same yesterday!
  10. Would have loved to see him play but I’m already resigned to him not being here come the start of the season.
  11. Or really ramp up the pressure on Rafa!
  12. They’ve said that for last 10 days! I do think it’s inevitable now though.
  13. should have had a run out yesterday. No idea why Southgate felt he didn’t need to use more than the two subs. Kane looks badly out of form or carrying an injury. Hope to see DCL given a few more minutes than he’s had so far.
  14. None of the players have said much since Carlo has gone. DCL has said a bit about being happy at Everton but eventually wanting Champions League football. James has come out and said he was fine to stay at Everton for another year. I wouldnt expect Allan to have to say anything. He’s contracted to Everton. If he wants to leave, let him. I don’t want any player at our club that doesn’t want to be here.
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