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  1. What happened to them against Villa is they had no Mane, Henderson or Thiago
  2. I genuinely felt the opposite. Live time I said to my son that looked off. Granted I didn’t expect it to be so close. However the rule is the rule. We’ve lost out in the last year and nobody was shouting a screaming for us (Man U) in particular so I couldn’t care less. If they were a good enough side they’d already be beating us by then. I’ll let them cry into their chips tonight.
  3. Matt I can and I tell you why. In the past we’ve had some shocking decisions go against us in the derby over the years and a day later no one gives a damn. You look back at end of the season and it’ll just show a draw. About time we got the break and I’m happy to make the most of it. Did we play well? No. Are we still unbeaten at the top of the league? Yes
  4. BT sports - oh they are so upset we got something out of that game. 😂
  5. Have I been watching BT sports or Liverpool TV?
  6. Only in certain threads for certain people 😂😉
  7. Last time we won first 7 we had Liverpool the 8th game and won 3-0. Same again please. Everton 3 - 0 Liverpool
  8. Some in here could learn from that! 🤣 (want the axe emoji but not available on phone)
  9. I too have both Sky and BT and paid for the league cup game. There will be others who can’t afford it and will have to watch it at friends or family otherwise watch an illegal stream. I don’t live in Liverpool but making the derby free to air would be a good gesture in these times especially as that is the only area in tier 3.
  10. Let’s hope that’s true and he’s fit and starting on Saturday.
  11. Not surprised. However disappointed as the current situation will mean I’m sure some people who don’t have access to BT sports will likely breach restrictions to watch the game with friends or family.
  12. Ok, I started it! 🤣 that and Spirit of Blues that seems to be on continual repeat over the last week or so. My better half is doing well to not lose it.
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