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  1. I don’t think they will. They have Wolves on Sunday (one less day than us) and then Leicester next weekend with Spurs, City and Liverpool on the horizon.
  2. Looks happy enough in the training videos released on YouTube today.
  3. Great article - I like the closing paragraph. Ultimately, professional sports are not just about long-term aims and models of success and age profiles and philosophies. They are not entirely about economics, either. Strip away the tribalism and the emotion and they are, at their heart, a form of entertainment. They are supposed to be fun. That is what Rodríguez has done: allowed Everton to have fun again.
  4. Anything to do with no crowd? Not the new trio but the others as we have for a long time had a bad away record. Also the losses (& lucky draw) we had to newly promoted teams last year at home had the crowd adding pressure/ nervousness. Lastly, in an empty stadium I still don’t think we concede 2 to Newcastle in injury time. The crowds nervous energy has to be felt. I was sat in my seat and you could feel it coming after a game we totally dominated. I’m just not sure it’s coincidence but hope it’s the Carlo factor instead.
  5. Not being shown live on television in UK but will be broadcast to a UK audience via the EFL's Carabao Cup Player.
  6. Also we mustn’t forget there are no crowds there so it does have the training / pre season feel at the grounds (according to journalists / staff there).
  7. Where has this been evidenced? Just your opinions of his body language?
  8. He was always known for his elaborate goal celebrations. I don’t really want a player happy to not be in the starting 11 every game and he’s entitled to be grumpy if and only if this has no effect on his game. I haven’t seen a lack of effort. Obviously I don’t know this but he’s probably annoyed at not getting what he sees as a fair chance to get back in and that’s not helped by DCLs goals at the weekend. Also both Riccy and DCL starting tonight wont of helped. He then gets brought on and plays with the ‘lesser’ players, slightly isolated and at a disjointed time of the match. He played f
  9. Haf you downvoted my comment saying he wasn’t good enough! You turncoat 😂
  10. When he’s at fault then I have no problem in giving criticism when he’s blamed for two goals when it’s not his fault (weekend) then I do have an issue. Is he good enough, I don’t think so but you can’t make stuff up.
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