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  1. Gray for me only one who turned up from Monday.
  2. We proved once again, we only have one first team, we can not play without 4 first teamers. Iwobi, awful, both fullbacks awful, Townsend everything he did well on Monday, he did badly tonight. Gomes never mentioned when he came on, very disappointed, there is a way of loosing and this is not it. Then at 3 down we bring on 2 defenders, nobody is above criticism tonight.
  3. Don't understand why we have not shown an interest in Matt Docherty at spurs, out of favour, a proper full back, with pace and goals. Im sure a loan would not have been a problem. We need a right back.
  4. Nothing against any of the lads we have signed, but we are not moving forward, we seem to be paddling like mad to stay still. The last five numptys we have had in charge have either spent or taken for themselves all the cash, now we have someone who might actually know what he's doing, we put handcuffs on him. I know about the ffp but we allowed ourselves to get in this position, and other clubs break the rules and argue about it at a later date, and nothing happens. SSN did suggest it does not matter if you are not in a European competition.
  5. Are you saying the likes of Burnley & palace etc served up better, i think not.
  6. I may have been asleep a lot lately, but why are we not on TV in the first month of the season. When others including relegation fodder are on 2 or 3 times, has anyone tackled sky or BT about this. I think it must be some kind of issim but not sure what kind.
  7. If this happens its because Raffa has worked with the lad and knows his potential, so at least its a call on knowledge of the player, not a shot in the dark.
  8. Big miss this if we don't go for him, proven in PL and proven here.
  9. Big no to this, done nothing anywhere he has been, if this is our level of recruitment we are doomed.
  10. Yes nothing wrong with age, its talent they lack, all the above been there done it got the t-shirt. The three we are talking about, been no where, done nothing.
  11. Don't get the discussions as whether these 2 are wingers or not, neither pulled up any trees in there heyday, neither held a permanent place in a premier side. Neither will improve us, this is back to Moyes days when no money was available, why are we in the bargain basement, with billionaire owners, and a new manager who must have had assurances about money available. Even the keeper we have signed is well past his sell by date, if not in years then certainly in talent, any one who watched Bournemouth in the play off semi final would not have been impressed, Hennessey would have been a better bet imo. let alone our own under study keeper. Why do we have all the highly rated players in the under 21s and under 23s, yet still bring in journeymen with no interest in us or our future. The whole strategy at the moment worry's me, and points towards another under achieving season. I hope there is more on offer than has been shown so far.
  12. Just what we dont want another journeyman, not a regular for palace, i though we had some money and ambition, not impressed, or with Grey.
  13. Don't really see this as going forward. We have enough bench warmers.
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