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  1. Allen all day for me, the only outfield player who put a shift in.
  2. Not good enough, doucoure is not the player i thought he was, lazy Did not get the delph substitution, made no difference. We took off our best defender and captain why, he is the only one who reads the game. But there is no excuse, other teams work much harder than we do, are fitter than us, and fight more than us. Apart from Allen and Pickford,and Holgate, the rest dont deserve to wear the shirt.
  3. If we had been playing anyone better than relegation fodder Fulham, we would not have won.
  4. I think the 2 C/H are better at playing statues than football, they just dont work for me. Neither talks or takes control, and neither sees any danger coming. On a plus great reaction from the team after the equaliser .
  5. Hi yes i have been watching it all from Spain, im here till xmas and enjoying the wonderful golf. The course does look great, and no daft shouts of get in the hole or mashed potato?
  6. We were awful, flat no idea, no confidence, one thing you have to do in every game as a minimum is work harder than they did. why even if with or without players, does our work rate drop so much. as for that clown in goal im speechless. Only Coleman earned his money today.
  7. My main concern about Delph is he has stopped playing any kind of football that is advantageous, he now takes only the easy options, always backwards and sideways. So if anything goes wrong its not his fault, but by doing this he is no help to the team at all, he used to win tackles and drive forward, not any more. He now runs to the CB gets the ball and gives it to the FB, not what we signed him for, IMO. I can do that at 67 years young. On another note why since the web site changed,why do we now go to page 1 of a topic, before the change you used to go to the last page you lo
  8. Does any one know when Holgate will be fit, Kean & Mina have no idea of how to organize a defense. Both are caught out on a regular basis with a simple ball over the top, they both can only react, not preempt,and slow, they would not see a bus coming.
  9. He is a well built, athletic, strong lad, and he tackles like siggy, time to get rid he is not going to get better.
  10. Whats worrying is thats 2 games on the trot we have been poor, we got away with one but not today Plus side still top, but very flat very slow in the build up, time for Carlo to earn his corn. Next match with 2 regulars missing, subs were poor, never had an influence, as for Iwobi time to unload in January. But i trust the management to sort it.
  11. I find the callaway chrome soft a good ball
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