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  1. That team may have been missing a few players, but it was far superior to the Brighton side, so no excuses about missing players. The one thing i can not accept from this side all season, is there pathetic work rate and attitude. No matter what side we put out, the least is has to have is a good work ethic, and pride in the shirt, i have seen very little all season, if was not Carlo in charge, and it was one of our last 3 or 4 managers, we would be calling for his head. Everyone on here including myself has called for time, and transfer windows for him to get players in. Bu
  2. I did not mean Olsen played badly, but he is not the future, now we need to plan for the future, especially in these last 7 games, to be in a better place for next season.
  3. What i meant was Holgate never gets to settle in one position, he is constantly asked to swap positions, and i think that does not help him at all, Keane always plays CB. But yes Holgate has had poor games at CB.
  4. Dont get people wanting Olsen to play, it does not move us on as a team, we need to plan for next season, give youth a chance.
  5. Whats disappointing is not only the missed chances, but our results against, Fulham, Burnley, Newcastle, etc anyone in the bottom third of the league, it has been abysmal.
  6. Criticism of Holgate & Godfrey only happens when they are asked to play FB they are CBs and should be judged when playing there proper position. Where as Kean always plays at CB, and his criticism is justified.
  7. To many just happy to go through the paces, no one wants to take responsibility. No European football next year will be a good thing, we need to buy well in the summer and improve the squad. Our forwards are not up to the standard required, missing easy one on ones, not just tonight. There is no one in midfield who picks us up, and drives us on, no leaders, and no pride. I know we were missing 2 players with bite, but even that has not been enough this season. Carlo has a lot of work to do, and i for one am prepared to wait, and trust him to sort it out.
  8. Disappointed to see Olsen playing, would much sooner see young Virginia have a run.
  9. Why play Olsen, i want to see what the young lad can do, Olsen may be gone in the summer, lets build for the future.
  10. Personally i would like to see him left in for while, Pickford is out, and we know what Olsen can do, so lets have a good look at the kid. You never know he might save us a lot of money, and he did well, lets see if it was a one of or not.
  11. Godfrey for me, they all put a shift in, special shout for the young keeper.
  12. Carlo is the man to do it, time is needed, we all need to stay patient and hold our nerve. The owner, backroom staff, and the new ground on the way, its the best shape we have been in for a long time. We dont mention relegation anymore, it was all we talked about in the last 5 years. Believe in Carlo, my fellow Blues.
  13. And when they get there, fuck off again, no one deserves motm for that tripe.
  14. Don't normally comment straight after the match, but this is shocking, against bottom 6 sides they all impose their games on us, never the other way round. Shows the game against the red shite was a fluke and not the norm. This team does not need tweaking, it needs major surgery. After Allan and dac non of the midfield is good enough, DCL has had his purple patch, and as for touch he does not have any. we need a regular goal scorer, who can also play, not just head a ball, yes he scored but should have had 2 or 3 This is a rant but time for excuses has run out, a change in
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