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  1. They looked the better side in the bits I saw today. Chelsea just have some great players that can pull something out of their arse when it matters. They do also have Kepa though so it balances out.
  2. If anyone wants a laugh, watch Southampton's 2nd goal. Kepa should easily clear it first time and then slides in with his feet after when he is a goalkeeper and can use his hands. Its hilarious!
  3. I couldn't fault Footjoy. Bought two pairs on the cheap about 10 years ago. Wore one pair to death, and still have the other pair now. I also like the under armour gear. We have an outlet in Portsmouth so I pop in there every time I go down there to see what I can find with a few quid off!
  4. I'm not sure what he was doing for the offside goal at the end. Mane was in acres of space inside the penalty box and he let him wander into that space. Thought it was a case of ball watching. I'm certainly not going to judge him on what happened today because that was a tall order for him but I didnt see him do anything of note either.
  5. Its probably the first game I have struggled to pick because I didnt think anyone was particularly good. The Digne comments are very true, Allan had some brilliant moments and Pickford, whilst lucky given the decisions, was excellent in bits of the game that counted. It will be one of the first two.
  6. Just seen the Mina mistake goal. How on earth they have the space to cross the ball into the box like that was criminal. He had time to brew a cuppa he was in that much space. I feel like there were far too many holes today.
  7. I agree, think they deserved it on balance but a point is important and coming back twice will keep our momentum up.
  8. Why does Mane have so much room and then why does Henderson have the same? Its terrible defending regardless of numbers. Ruled out get in! Ridiculous again though. Football is a joke now.
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