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  1. He has had 2 fit seasons in the Premier League and in one of them he scored 11 goals for a recently promoted Burnley and 22 goals for Soton. In his previously fully fit season he scored over 20 goals in the Championship. I don't think he was properly fit last season after an early injury and yet he still chipped in with 12 goals. His all round play is also very good. If you put a fit Danny Ings into half decent side and he will score a decent amount of goals. Fit and healthy, he would be our starting striker. Far better footballer and finisher than Dom, just not the athlete he is.
  2. If he stays fit, Ings will score goals. Not quite sure how they will fit him and Watkins into the same side without weakening one of their games.
  3. I haven't seen anything from the club to say whether or not the finalists are back in training yet but I think they probably should be. Kane was expected back at Spurs on Monday so I suspect they are. I would be surprised if they play though as it would be quite a short turn around.
  4. It is a tough one this as I don't think there would ever be a good time to withdraw. You could be there for 100 years and there would be no guarantee of a stable government. It will just descend in to chaos again, and no doubt result in even more resentment for the West for leaving high and dry.
  5. I heard that on commentary too. I can only presume Russell stopped before his fuel went below the minimum level required.
  6. I am very surprised that the marquee signings of Townsend and Gray didn't tempt him to come to the club.
  7. 😂 I am two footed in that I am equally as bad with both
  8. Anyone watch the Lions at the weekend? South Africa were brilliant in that second half and deserved the win. I also thought the yellow for Kolbe was the right decision. Clearly only had eyes for the ball but at the same time, he should have been more aware of what was happening. It was never a red card IMO.
  9. Their battle was mesmerising. The difference between where he put the car and how Sainz defended Hamilton were chalk and cheese. He is still a master and it was great to see his reaction after the race too. He celebrated the result as if he had won. You don't see that very often in F1!
  10. 🤣 I am slightly received we haven't signed him. I would start getting a complex when people post that Bailey has no stamina, is bad in the box and keeps missing the target!
  11. Seems to be confirmed now (unofficially).
  12. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but it doesn't sound like he feels as though he is wanted here and I don't get the impression he is too bothered about staying either.
  13. I think you underestimate the toffee talent spotters on these type of forums across the world. Beni was a star and should have been starting ahead of every midfielder we have had at the club in the last 3 years. As he wasnt getting any game time that his talent has deserved he has now sealed his big money move to one of Europes elite clubs... Hearts... for the cost of his contract.
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