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  1. Really good performance and a well deserved win. We cut apart one of the worst defensive teams in the league in the way a half decent team should. I thought the back four were really solid when it mattered. Tarkd and Branthwaite are building a solid partnership. We got a bit leaky at the end but the game had been won by then. Pickford saved what he needed to. Positionally Mykolenko is the weakness but I think his output going forward has now surpassed Young who seems to struggle passing the half way line and there is a massive drop off the later the game gets. Get a fresh winger against him and he will get beaten. The midfield were in complete control of this game from when I started watching. Bournemouth have had problems like this all season but I didnt realise just how bad it was. The reason they are so far down the defensive charts is because there is a chasm between their initial press and the rest of the team. We fully exploited it and credit goes to Onana and Garner for doing that. Garner's finish showed the composure he played with. I think Doucoure was excellent in that transitioning role and I thought his decision making and most of his execution was as good as it has been for a while. Harrison gave glimpses of what he will bring to this side. That finish was sublime and he has far more quality than the alternatives. There is so much to come from him and I cant wait to see it. McNeil was my MOTM. He was a big part of so many of our chances, particularly second half. He was different class. He even cleared one off the line. He clearly has his limitations as a footballer (i.e slow and one footed) but his footballing brain is probably one of the smartest in the side. Its impressive for a young lad. Dom completely bullied their defence. Their midfield didnt create a shield to help their CBs so Dom was given so much space to attack. I thought he snatched at a lot last week but he was far more composed here and things just didnt quite work out. The subs didnt do a lot. Beto showed his work rate again but also his rawness. He probably needs to settle himself a bit more. Not everything needs to be 100mph. Overall an excellent performance and a well deserved 3 points. Things will be a lot tougher from here though.
  2. What about second half again Luton? Villa game was far different today, played a different style of team and a different formation. You can see simple triangles in our half are unlocking 30-40 yards of space fpr our midfield to run into. We have completely exploited and exposed them for it. Onana and Garner have been brilliant at that, the 4 ahead have all helped create even more space but if you are expecting this every week you will be disappointed because that is football.
  3. Great goal from Harrison but I think he has looked like a player coming back to fitness. Plenty more to come from him.
  4. There is literally nothing in the middle for Bournemouth. Its so easy for him today and he is making it look that way because he is a good player. He still needs to stop jumping out of shape without winning the ball defensively. He is selling himself and in other games it will cost us.
  5. Bournemouth's midfield is completely AWOL, they are so easy to bypass!
  6. McNeil is creating chances left right and centre here.
  7. Get in! Its that type of ball that Gray never used to play. McNeil spots him and puts it on the money. Gray would have taken a million touches and piss up the wall. Another example again there. Right decision and execution.
  8. Another player we were linked with last Jan looking absolutely dreadful! That is all on the players. You dont get to the Premier League to know you create the angle not minimise it.
  9. What the hell where Garner and McNeil doing for that freekick. We moved the ball more central making it even harder to do anything useful with it? Schoolboy stuff.
  10. Bournemouth's press is fucked. A few players tried to squeeze us in our third and then the rest of the team were deep in their half. Garner could jog most of the field!
  11. So are you suggesting we didnt create any chances last week, in the first half particularly?
  12. This. The difference between this and Luton is we scored the early goal. Its amazing how much difference it makes especially at the bottom half of the table. We just need to start this second half in the same way and not make any silly mistakes. We also need to keep an eye on those set pieces as they are doubling up on Mykolenko and he needs to start identifying it early and making sure he has cover.
  13. How have we not made it 3!? Lovely football for both chances and good balls into the box from Young and McNeil. The 10 mins or so I have seen make this look well deserved. We should have scored at least a couple in that time!
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