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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-deaths-uk-coronavirus-cases-latest-b1792224.html?fbclid=IwAR1aBpPYjaFRQhG5CCKqKTWTZ5SmAvO21hzO1nNlLN6CwKYXfsi3JIy7GUo
  2. How can a government have 4 years and not ensure a smooth transition of food from one part of itself to another.
  3. What were our travel restrictions compared to theirs?
  4. If those small margins feel are way. Looking at you, Digne. We'd be three points from top with a game in hand.
  5. The reverse fixture was probably the easiest game we had this season yet I'm worried as Doucoure is a big loss and there's no way they can play that badly again (tries to cry it in). Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Davies Iwobi James Gomes Richarlison DCL Gomes needs to be on the ball for this one. Lacks a little concentration so gives away space cheaply. Looked like he was enjoying himself last night so will be high on confidence and we all know how much better he is when he's confident. Think he'll be the reason we win or lose.
  6. Have you watched much of them? The players are mostly average and the manager isn't even average. Testament to how bias the referees are that they're top.
  7. Weird that the headline is about him idolising Ronaldo. I'd be worried if any player didn't look at his game.
  8. I like that we've got a manager smart enough to use him. In modern football too often managers opt for runners over footballers. If James was 20 years older he'd be up there with Zidane and Scholes.
  9. Usually I'd kick off that the player was a shithouse going for the ball like that but he's not even aware their player is there. Just shear laziness. It's dangerous and he's scared someone's face for life. But think he'll feel like shit enough without their manager getting involved. Whole world put their arms round Son and his had intent and severer consequences. Braithwiate is a kid, they should be more understanding.
  10. If we're lucky we might be able to trick psg into swapping Gana Gueye for him.
  11. Just signed up for beer52. Case of 8 craft ales every month. Just had the first one, old mate (moon dog, Australia), and it was decent, not too dissimilar to punk ipa over here. Any how, if anyone else is looking at signing up please use my referral code, gets you half price for your first order and more importantly free beer for me if you keep it. Most people join then cancel straight away (what my mate has told me to do), that way you get the beers half price without the commitment. Gonna have a second one in a sec and watch the highlights from last night. https://www.beer52.com/j
  12. Couldn't figure out his accent so just had a little Google, Solihull. Notable that his uncle was a footballer, Bryan Small Aston Villa 1991-3 and then bounced round the leagues.
  13. Surprised they've moved so quick. If Tuchel wasn't available I don't think they'd have sacked him. They're still in the champions League and 5 points from 4th.
  14. Everton have now won 15 of their 23 matches in all competitions this season (65%), just one fewer than the Toffees managed throughout the whole of last season (16/43 - 37%).
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