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  1. Good coaches will get the best of both Madness we've not done any better deal yet x
  2. I enjoyed the first 40 seconds. Until the screeching.
  3. Just don't get why people don't just say they can't be arsed or give an actual estimated time of arrival.
  4. Remember Chelsea absolutely destroying him one game. Assume it was Ashely Cole, but can't remember who was left back, they kept playing him on his right and he had no answer. At one point he carried the ball all the way from the left to wing to the right, was embarrassing.
  5. He showed glimpses of his uncle the way he was on the ball. Imagine he's a nightmare to get the ball off when playing 1v1 in training.
  6. Mad thing is the fans who don't want him were happy with Sigurdsson behind the striker chasing shadows and barely making an interception. A lot seems to be about his effort levels. He's competitive, he wants to win and he gets stuck in.
  7. Surely they would have questioned Benetiz on James and what he wants to do with him. No way he gets the job if he hasn't sold them how he's gonna get the best out of our best player. Fuck off that James, and get me Townsend and Gray. Agent Rafa
  8. No. Although those two are much worse than the Rooney's yet far less published.
  9. Man gets drunk and falls asleep, if he weren't famous it wouldn't even be news. Shame on the rags and the girls, and more so the girls parents who blame Rooney making out their kids are victims. He's gone out and had a few too many. Pretty sure most of us have done that at some point. Pretty much common knowledge. There were videos back in the day.
  10. She's just as bad, well in her youth at least.
  11. Pickford probably deserves it most but it's a bit wasted on the keeper as captains tend to get a bit more leeway from the refs.
  12. Especially if you're including the training gear. Although I'm with Sparty regarding the home kit.
  13. 50!? You get different Scouse in the North and South of Liverpool. Then Lancashire on the outskirts which ranges from full wool to scouse, not including the weird mix in Runcorn. Posh Scouse in Cheshire, scally/want-a-be Scouse in Birkenhead, the other accent cunts have in Cheshire/the Wirral were they've purposely tried to dilute the Scouse. Then North Welsh, plus the hybrid the locals actually speak when people aren't around in North Wales. Think that's less than 20 miles. Tbf I'd even go as far as district to district.
  14. My first kit so knew no better/nostalgia bias.
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