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  1. You're right it goes through his legs. Really don't see what the keeper has done wrong. Only way he stops it is of he gambles and drops a knee early to block getting nutmegged, but then everyone would be fuming if he got chipped.
  2. So he's meant to break formation and go mark a player 20 yards further up who hasn't even received the ball? Give up? You need to start again if you think Keane is fine too leave a man in the box, and last week Gomes not staying goalside. These are basics.
  3. Apologies, my previous post mustn't have sent. I am certain I wrote off the top of my head man u. The point still stands though. I didn't say no other game than man u. You gonna apologise for twisting it?
  4. He's better than the utter dogshit he was when he first came, but my nan could have done a better job than he did his first season. Now he's average at best. Better than them? Our biggest game this season just happens to be the one he was dropped for. Were did I say that? I said off the top of my head. Gonna apologise for being manipulative and trying to twist it?
  5. As much as he missed two chances he made two. Richarlison the far bigger let down. Give DCL his chances and he would have scored.
  6. Already said both Man u games. Says a lot when you're pointing out goals as things a centre half has done well. What matches has he done more than what you'd expect from any average centre half?
  7. The other players were clearly not happy with him taking it. Played like a selfish brat all game. Must have had a message under his shirt.
  8. Because he's being marked. As soon as Keane moves he makes him the most dangerous and hands them the goal on a plate. 1. Davies. No, he's in a bank of 4 with the rest of the midfield and goes to close when necessary. Any fan blaming him either knows nothing about football or is a shit fan who blames him for everything. 2. Yea, and they'd be getting moaned at if Zaha had any influence in the goal. But he never. 3. That's on Gbamin for not seeing the run and cutting the passing lane. Still very unlikely to concede from that position with Mina closing down. 4. How's the keeper
  9. Find it mad you're trying so hard to justify it. He doesn't mark the space. He goes to the ball. To even say he goes to block that pass raises even more questions. On what planet is the best option to block a pass further away from goal leaving a player unmarked in the box the right thing to do? Then again you thought Gomes weren't too blame last week when he didn't stay goal side. Keane's this week is just as bad. It's stuff you'd shout at a school boy level, yet we've got blokes getting paid a £100k a go week doing shit you wouldn't see in a Sunday league.
  10. Should be knocking on the managers door not getting on with the other two missing 5 sitters between them.
  11. Not at all. He had one player to mark in his own box. No excuse for him being rash and going to the player Mina was. Keane isn't reacting to Zaha, he heads straight to schlupp.
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