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  1. I've seen so many people who simply don't fully recover from COVID-19. I'm wondering whether Godfrey also falls into this category.
  2. The same players were heroes, apparently, when we almost beat United.
  3. No, I didn't know that. I didn't mean to imply we should have kept King. It was just ironic that dmim included him in the list of dross recruited in the past - when he scored a hattrick against us yesterday.
  4. It took a few more games, but now we agree. The guy should never have been brought in.
  5. When Benitez was first mentioned as a possible manager, I made three comments: (i) His game tactics can sometimes be questionable; (ii) his substitutions are frequently bizarre; and (iii) he plays favorites. Frankly, we saw all three today. I've read a lot of criticism about players not putting in the effort, but to me that's a symptom of players not knowing or understanding the manager's tactics. After all, these are largely the same players who faced United - plus Richarlison who appears desperate to get back to playing. This was no more evident than with Tom Davies, who started well but frankly seemed confused about his role as Benitez shouted new instructions. What lay behind today's stupid substitutions? Pull off Gordon, arguably the most effective player on the field to that point? Iwobi for Gray, perhaps our player of the season to date? And no third substitute at a time when the game was screaming for a change? As for favorites, I've tried to soften my tone on Rondon after being criticized for my earlier comments, but I can't hold back now. Rondon is Benitez's man, so the manager seems desperate to keep playing him. Why? He's not fit, not putting in the effort, and seems to have lost any sense of footballing intelligence or ability he ever had. When he's on the field, we're effectively playing without a striker. Why is not Dobbin on the field, or Whitaker? Why is a player who's winded after 30 minutes still on the field for the final whistle? There's no explanation other than playing favorites - combined with stubbornness. Frankly, I'll be happy if Newcastle make a generous offer and steal Benitez. It won't be an easy transition, but it's clear this is not going well. And let's not blame it on the lack of spend - which was a ready-made excuse for poor performance from the outset.
  6. A terrible result and terrible predictions for Round 8. The highest score was just 2 points. For the month, Palfy and RPG remain tied, while Palfy is streaks ahead for the season and per prediction.
  7. (Late) headline news: Palfy extends his lead by predicting the correct score against Manchester United. He leads in all categories and quite significantly for the season and prediction. For the round and the month, RPG matched him.
  8. We were already very dependent on Allan. For the rest of this calendar year, he's perhaps the most important player for us on the field.
  9. Why did the link have to say 'breaking'?
  10. Over the last few years, we've learned that players recruited from the Russian league simply don't succeed in the Premier League. How much more is this the case for the Chinese league? There were only five non-Chinese players in the Dalian squad and none of any note. How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me.
  11. It was a different era back then. Martinez' record over his three years maps quite closely to Moyes' record - although not quite as extreme - but he was fired. If Moyes had been appointed in our era, he wouldn't have made if through his third season. This is a shame, because some good long-term managers are being sacrificed in the name of short-term success.
  12. Let's not go down that path. I mentioned at the start of the season that "lack of spending" will be a ready-made excuse if Benitez loses games. Why play Rondon - again? Why play Iwobi? When fighting a one-goal deficit, why not bring on subs: Davies? Dobbin? Why not start Gordon after his performance in the last game? Sorry, but Benitez did not do "just about all he could."
  13. Disappointed with Benitez' team selection and (mostly lack of) substitutions today. It's criminal that Rondon started, let alone played 90 minutes. When will Dobbin ever get to start? Also, Gordon deserved to start over Iwobi. When we're chasing a game, why were subs unused?
  14. Martinez has pretty much the same resources available as Moyes. The difference, I think, is consistency - although it's difficult to gauge over just three seasons.
  15. Apologies. Only now have I realized that I never updated results after the United game. Everton 1-3 WHam Iwobi
  16. You can dispute all you like, Bill, but both Ancelotti and Martinez had better win records than David Moyes. We may not like them sometimes, but facts are facts.
  17. Ancelotti's record was better than Moyes'. Martinez' record was better than Moyes'.
  18. I didn't suggest that Brentford would finish above Liverpool but that Brentford would be more difficult for us to beat than Liverpool. Admittedly, the difference is subtle.
  19. Incidentally, Brentford is going to be a difficult team to beat. They are going to be one of this season's surprises. Honestly, I think Liverpool will be an easier team to beat than Brentford.
  20. How can the league schedule a derby game barely 48 hours after the previous game? That's unreasonable.
  21. I'd rather see Godfrey than Coleman, but otherwise it would be the strongest team. Personally, I'd like to give Gordon a shot at starting, with Townsend coming on after 60 minutes, but it's likely to be the other way around - with Gordon coming on at 80 minutes.
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