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  1. Yet still no coverage of the racist abuse and death threats...
  2. Never argued that it wasn’t a 50/50. If I bump into someone I apologise, nervermind knackering someone’s knee! You see apologies all over the pitch after fouls. Think you completely missed my point
  3. It was a bad tackle and apologising for injuring someone is just normal isn’t it? Not saying he has to make a public one (we all know how that would be treated) but how Palfy wrote his post I thought he’d already done it
  4. Pickford made an apology? I saw him concerned after the tackle asking if he was ok but not seen any apology
  5. I didn’t say I’m ok with them intimidating the ref. I specifically chose the words “tell the 4th official to review” because usually managers are more level headed. Calling for a handball or offside because you think you’ve seen it isn’t intimidating the ref either, running up to the ref and crowding him is. Take a look at how rugby players respond to referees. That’s how it should be.
  6. Reading some of the comments I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  7. Really? I thought it was the least tracking back he’s done, bar the one time he did get back and tripped Mane. Especially with Godfrey coming on, he needed to help more but it was Doucoure covering most of the time
  8. Just because I think it was his worst game doesn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous. But he really needed to do more, though maybe all the kickings he got put him off
  9. Coaches should be telling the 4th official to review it. Players intimidating a ref is embarrassing. Digne did a great job of that today for example
  10. But it wasn’t reviewed because of the offside. I hope it isn’t like!
  11. With a lot of you thinking it was a red (I dont but definitely a pen and a yellow) and that the foul wasn’t reviewed, do you think he’ll be retroactively punished?
  12. Oh I know, just looking at it as it is now. It’s still 9 points they might not pick up.
  13. Need them to get their shit together and fight back against Chelsea, getting battered at the moment.
  14. He should’ve been off for his diving too.
  15. Yeah. Anyone who waves a card should get one. Always had this dislike for unsportsmanlike conduct. “Working the ref” shouldn’t be tolerated.
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