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  1. Both actually. But I think he was referring more to the sub where Seamus did get right arsey and slapping his badge. Didn't see him after the goal though, was too busy bouncing around.
  2. I think he's referring to the sub. He came over and started scowling like only he can hitting the badge. Had nothing to do with the goal.
  3. Did Keane win a single ball in the air? Apart from the assist when he stepped forward (which was quality), he was incredibly poor.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56381264
  5. Like vin chaude or mulled wine but with cider base instead. Lovely stuff.
  6. I was replying to the quote in the tweet. It would've been stupid to take the ball and man whilst on a yellow card, the ref was aching to penalise us for anything. Still, he should've done better. But there's 4 other players whose threads should be lighting up instead of this one.
  7. Yes. Take the ball and the man whilst on a yellow card. Take us down to 10 men. Brilliant.
  8. He should've come on instead of Iwobi. If he was fit enough for the bench, he was got enough for 30 mins.
  9. He can't finish either. I assume. Not gotten close to showing if he can or not.
  10. He wasn't worst. For one, he actually scored. He also did a fuck load more than Rondon, Iwobi, Godfrey and Digne (wtf happened to Digne by the way?!) 50/50, average. Nothing more or less for me.
  11. The whole team was today. I won't pin it on 1 player.
  12. Gordon, then Pickford (who's distribution was shite today, again).
  13. Can see him and Richarlison looking at the summer transfer window hoping it comes round quick.
  14. Coleman wasn't thanking the fans. He was apologising, just kept saying "we know" and shrugging his shoulders in complete confusion as to what we'd all just witnessed. Special mention to the official today. They were fucking awful, like Rondon levels of shite. I don't usually comment on the ref but he gifted them everything and ignored a few of theirs. Never had a grip of the game, it was embarrassing. Whoever gave the call to overrule the offside was also inept. How Grey is supposedly interfering with play or whatever bullshit term they've coined for this season is a joke too. The most obvious 10v12 I've seen in years.
  15. Because of 2 bad loses with a threadbare squad? "We need to clear the wage bill!". But that requires getting rid of players. "We need more depth in squad!". Which requires bringing in more players. "Just bring in the good ones and get rid of the shite!". The good ones cost a lot of money, the shite are on 5 year cushy deals. Aaaand repeat... We're not in a parallel universe where opposing requirements suddenly coincide with one another and become the fulcrum rather than tipping the seesaw. The amount of damage those first 2 years of Moshiri spending on his new investment was always going to take more than 3 years to correct, largely because the contracts handed out were longer than that. Plus that's not even considering mistakes Brands was inevitably going to make. He got some transfers wrong, but more right and can't be held accountable for players playing for a permanent contract then downing tools or picking up recurring injuries or not really giving a fuck about the club but the manager wanted them... Then there's the work behind the scenes, structuring the development etc. which won't give tangible benefits for years too because it's a complete overhaul and time can't be put on 2x speed like FIFA. He gets the big money because he's got a fucking ridiculously difficult job to do and he is doing it well. If he wasn't, he'd be out. Not particularly aimed at you, BB, just heard it enough to be irritated by it.
  16. 50/50 today but as we got exposed in midfield (since there's actually ran), he was just lost. Still think he's a good squad player to have to fall back on though.
  17. Was funny though. As soon as I saw King on the scoresheet, said he'd score against us. Then when I saw he had 2, said he'd get his hattrick now and a couple of minutes later... And then we've got Rondon Still, it was wonderful to be there (dickhead father and son threatening people aside). I'd forgotten about the banter, and how my feet just took me from the car to the ground without thinking, retracing steps I did every week before moving. Shit result and baffling collapse, but still loved being there. Its a weird feeling... Everton that
  18. It's not his legs. He doesn't even pretend to give a shit. I was expecting it was just rust but it's not, he's not interested at all. Gave me a good laugh though, which was sorely needed at that point.
  19. This isnt just match fitness, he does not try. Not 1 jump, barely a run. Shocking.
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