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  1. Matt

    All Time Fave Joke...

    John!!! You’ve no idea how happy I am to see you posting
  2. Forgotten about him. I loved the first 300 movie. Lena Hedley in that too no?
  3. If this is true, don’t put him on anything and tell him to fuck off. Don’t want to pay a penny for someone coming for greed.
  4. Been a frequent thing for years. Dodging ffp, injury get out clause... no idea to be honest but it seems popular
  5. Does anyone else get the Game of Thrones theme start in their head when reading his name?
  6. Been getting rave reviews. The whole MCU ranges from quite good to sublime. Don’t think you can really go wrong with it
  7. You know when you’re a dad and you wind the kids up by running circles around them and doing tricks whilst holding your coffee and chatting to your family?
  8. I actually got to play against him in a 5 a side before he broke through. Uncle worked at a community service and he was playing there with my 2 cousins who were also on the youth books. Even though I was 2 years older (still am ) the lad was just massive but unbelievably nimble. Not long after he scored that goal and it took me a while to realise I’d been playing with the lad not long before!
  9. Look at the “source”, nothing to see here.
  10. Holgate in the mix too. He’s not quite found the form he had pre injury but still think he’s going to be an excellent CB
  11. By playing a game more. As for concentrating on the league, it’s a flawed logic especially this year. What you’re proposing is to put all our eggs in 1 basket when the league is as open as its ever been and ignoring a different, easier route into Europe (with the benefit of a trophy to boot). The argument rarely flies unless you’re in relegation battles, but even less this season.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55669168
  13. Except the serial winners. How did they become serial winners?
  14. Cup also has the chance of a European place Steve. Really baffles me that you continue to dismiss cup competitions
  15. Or alternative to Olsen. Or nonsense reporting.
  16. Now that you said that, it makes me think why would you buy players now when there’s a good chance the season will be delayed indefinitely again and pay all those extra wages? Could argue integration but how much would happen if they’re not allowed to train together again? Just thinking out loud
  17. And I agree with you, just pointing out the potential logic behind the decision. Also knowing that it could just be games too
  18. I agree mostly... But it could also be seen as being sensible and continuing to make the necessary changes gradually, rather than too quickly as we’ve seen in the past. Frustrating for sure but I see the logic.
  19. “Blackburn Rovers are expected to beat off competition” Glad he’s going for game time.
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