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  1. Can't believe I'm going to go for a clean sheet but I am... Burnley 0-1 Everton James
  2. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-bramley-moore-dock-stadium-19371215
  3. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/lucas-digne-sends-everton-message-19367052
  4. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-shake-up-scouting-department-19367438
  5. What caused the fire was that the car was ripped in half right where the fuel tank is. This accident should put an end to any people still against the halo. Grojean himself has said tonight that he wasn’t a fan of it but he’s changed his mind now. It’s probably responsible for his head still being acquainted with the rest of his body.
  6. Feared the worst when I was watching it and was relieved when they showed he was ok.
  7. We played it the previous game as well. I hate three at the back but, like I said, keep the disruption to a minimum to a system we are already uncomfortable in and just make the one change that was needed instead of going for two to basically completely fuck with what we'd done in the game before. You're not going to get any cohesion and it showed.
  8. When you’ve got to make a change, like yesterday, with Digne needing to be replaced, you want to keep the disruption to a minimum. Keep it simple and just bring Nkounkou in for Digne. Nope, let’s go all weird and make two changes instead and move Iwobi from the right (where he’d done well) to the left and bring in a player that’s barely played this season and have Davies play RWB instead. He is needlessly complicating things at the moment.
  9. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-mural-baltic-triangle-liverpool-19361368
  10. It's weird decisions like this that Ancelotti should be being questioned about. He's made the most changes to a starting 11 in the league this season, so it's no wonder we've struggled to make any system work and look disorganised a lot of the time. Yes, some of these changes have been a necessity but some of them have just been bizarre. Like this one.
  11. He was dispossessed nine times yesterday. Nine! And I'm not even angry with him for a poor performance because it was a ludicrous decision to play him as a LWB. It really was.
  12. Where was he today? Injured? If not, then that says a lot.
  13. Who has benefitted from it? The whole team looks shambolic.
  14. I’ve got to laugh at anyone thinking moving to three at the back is going to make us more solid. It was only ever going to go the other way.
  15. No they won't. Burnley play the same way home, away, rain, clear skies, snow, wind.
  16. It pains me seeing him in an Everton shirt and for a multitude of reasons. I feel myself getting angry seeing it and I cannot wait for the day he is no longer associated with our football club.
  17. He played for City, you know, so he must be fucking brilliant. Just forget what you've witnessed with your own eyes, that's all that matters.
  18. We're desperate for some pace in midfield. Holgate and Godfrey can move at the back, DCL can be nippy up front but we are so one-paced in midfield.
  19. I'd be even more pissed off about it if that was the case, and I don't think it is.
  20. What utter wank that was. Yeah, we had a few chances but Leeds were much the better side and deserved the three points. Their first win at Goodison in the PL. The players and Carlo need to do a lot of reflecting before the Burnley game because they haven't been good enough.
  21. Another game for Carlo to shit the bed and send us out to defend, defend, defend when we can't defend for shit and the midfield don't protect the defence. It's going to be such an enjoyable game to watch. I might ruin my underwear I'm that excited.
  22. I know it's frowned upon to say something like this but Carlo really needs to have a good think about what he's doing at the moment. Yes, the players are responsible too but he is not blameless for these wank performances. The way he's set us up for maybe the past month or so is very questionable and he must take his share of the blame.
  23. He didn't even do that, mate. Absolutely bobbins in all aspects today but particularly bad at passing to a team mate - the amount of times he gave the ball away in the middle of the park was criminal.
  24. Allan. Wouldn't say he was great at his actual purpose of protecting the defence but seeing as Doucoure was complete and utter shite he was doing the work of two men in that regard, and showed he's really handy at driving forward with the ball.
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