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A Last Minute Plea

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I don't think Kirkby is the right move. If you still have a vote, please vote no.


But as a fellow Blue, I respect all of you and so wish you well regardless of how you vote.


For a day or two lets put aside talk of a striker who is either has a good goalscoring record or is lazy depending on who you believe. He may come. If he does, he will certainly go.


But more than anything this week is a massive week for us as a CLUB. The Everton Family decides..don't underestimate what this week means.


Apologies for not putting this into the Stadium Debate section - but the time is right for this to be on BBC1 not CH5!

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I agree with your sentiment mate but this subject realy has reached a stalemate for the time being, lets just hope the result goes our way but you wount find much but repeated opinions and arguments discussing it now.


To be honest I think most people whichever side of the devide are just praying for the result to be called now so we can move on in any direction!!

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