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Alternative Kirkby Plans?

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Development Securities have launched their own development plan and website, with one factor missing, that being the proposed stadium.




masterplan.png - There is no stadium



This was found on toffeeweb:


"Having visited the next round of meaningless consulttion in Kirkby, and again no one

from Evereton or Knowsley council present to answer questions. I came across the

transport consultant from steers davies gleave, who informed on a few interesting facts.

Firstly, there will only be 1,000 parking place for staff and corperates at this NEW

EVERTON stadium.


Secondly, trains travelling to and from Kirkby cannot change its frequency from 1 train

every 15 mins. It will have 6 carriages tho, which means only 4,000 people will be able to

use the train in the 1 hour preceeding the game.


Thirdly everyone else turning up at the ground will have to park and ride with the cost of

parking and riding being met by Everton, who will put the cost onto your match ticket.


Finaly the consultant told me if this goes ahead this would be the 3rd public transport

stadium in the UK, after Wembley, The Emirates so in other words when we win and feel

like celebrating it will be 10 min walk to bus, then long winding journey back to your local

or town ( Our City Centre ) I mean or back to the car and listen to the phone ins on the

Radio. How shit will that be."

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"Our board expects this from us if we are to get to the Cheap and

Nasty Stadium IF that ever happens!


This is what the suit man told me (and others) at the Tesco

consultation/ show in Kirkby last week.


* The MSCP is still there (well according to the man I spoke to at

the show) just to the north-east of the Cheap and Nasty Stadium. It

has 1000 spaces all allocated for players, corporate, the board and

match day employees.


* The 3500 retail car park will be just for retail only and football

supporters will be fined at 'least £100' to deter supporters from

parking there.


* No improvement to the rail line at Kirkby. Cost for the improvement

needed, he said will be approx £25million, cannot be justified for

the 19 occasions the stadium in the retail park is used per year. The

most the station can cope with in one hour is 4000 spectators.


* Approx 3% of season ticket holders being from Kirkby. This equates

to 750 people walking to the ground.


* The entire road system in Kirkby will be covered by a residents

parking permit scheme to stop illegal parking.


* All cars (apart from shoppers, those using the MSCP and those with

the residents permits) will not be allowed into Kirkby. The closest

they will get are the industrial estates around the town. Spectators

will then be bussed into the ground.


* The problem with attending football matches at the stadium is NOT

before the match but AFTER the match. He maintains that the club has

to get everyone to their cars within one hour, people will not stand

being messed around if its any longer and will not be enticed back.


Now translating all the above and into how many busses will be needed

to take everyone who has gone by car back to their cars is this.


Assuming 50000 capacity reached in any one game and includes 5000

away supporters (10% of capacity).


50000 capacity

minus 5000 away supporters (all arriving by coach)

minus 3500 corporate

sub total 41500 home supporters


minus 1245 local walk ups (3% projection local to Kirkby)

minus 4000 for the train

total 36255


Two journeys made by one bus in the hour after the final whistle:


36255/2 bus journeys/80 seater bus=227 busses that will be needed!"

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I got told all this pre vote & the actual logistics of using the stadium is a minimal problem considering all the issues that will surround building the ground in the first place.


We aint moving to the outskirts of the city we are moving to one of the hardest places to get to by public transport within merseyside. You may all scoff but unless you live in Fazakerly or off rice lane / county road it is a t*at of a place to get to. I worked in Speke for 5 years whilst I was training and it was easier to travel the 24 miles to work by several routes than it is to travel the 10 to Kirkby, I'm not exagerating whan I say it added at least a full hour both ends of the day to my traveling times and I had more than halved the distance!

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