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Pride and Progress

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Gutted but proud is how I feel.


Over two legs I think Villarral just had too much for us, but lets have no doubts they are a very good side going forward.


Yes, Collina gave us zip tonight and even putting my emotions aside I really can't see anything wrong with the disallowed goal.


BUT - in both legs we have shown ourselves to be a decent side and we're getting better. We're starting to play the ball a bit better and with a left sided midfielder, the midfield is looking good.

With Krodrup and hopefuly Ferrari to provide more athleticism on the left hand side of defence that helps.

We do however need 2 new strikers to add to Beattie.


Before the start of the season I thought Villarreal would put us out and that we'd struggle to finish top 10 in Prem. I now feel we can finish top 6 in the Prem and have a good run in the UEFA Cup.


So heads up, our club is moving forward.


Oh yes and did Kenwright get kicked out of the stadium or something at half time?!

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A lot of positives from tonight. I think Villareal are gonna do well in the CL so we shouldn't have anyone to fear in the UEFA cup. I think we've seen that financially it probably won't make too much difference being in the UEFA cup. Forget the whole £15m thing all the commentators go on about.


In the game I thought McFadden did pretty well when he came on - he was running at them and created a couple of chances. Davies did alright too, and what a cross that was for Ferguson - perfect from a deep position. Fergie did alright - I think a few of the freekicks he conceded were fair decisions, but there were too many bad decisions against him too. He got better as the game got on because I think the Villareal defence was getting tired. I thought Arteta was class from the start. Sometimes though I think he drops back too much, he starts moves from deep but then we need him near the box and he's not always there.


Kilbane's not a leftback though, might have been better with Neville there. I know he's not the best either but he's got plenty of experience.


Overall I'm really proud too. We were unlucky but perhaps we blew it at Goodison with a lack of concentration. This team's only gonna get better though, and I think there'll be a few more good signings to come, even if there's no really big names.

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Yes Ladies and Gents, we can, and should be proud of our boys tonight!

We showed again the spirit which epitomises everything our great club is about. There's a lot of pride running for our cause these days and that's something that Moysie instills in the team.

No prima donnas like the RS! Good honest players giving it 110%.

Playing for each other provides a passion and pride within the team which the RS couldn't (and probably would'nt) understand.

We will have made huge steps in terms of valuable experience gained over these two games and we should look forward to a good run in the EUFA competition. With a few new quality additions surely to come in soon Moysie is building a solid, skilful and finally an attacking side which, in a couple of seasons time, will be challenging for everything.

I, for one, can't wait!

So, Ladies and Gents, let's be proud as always and give our boys our usual massive welcome back when we get together with them again on September 10th.

Who'd wanna support any other team ????????

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