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Match Day Shouts

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There is a section on Bluekipper called "Shouts" and I wouldnt normaly bother reposting some of their stuff on here but ...........


This is just class!!!!


""I was in the top balcony for the Blackburn game (16/08/08) and the fella behind me was definitely not a fan of Phil Neville. After spending most of the match just shouting " Fuck off Nevillle" (I've heard that Neville actually thinks his first name has been changed from Phil to Fuck Off now as he hears it so often) He came out with a shout to brighten up an otherwise shite day. The ball was being aimlessly nodded around by the Blues when this fella shouts "For fuck sake play it to feet". As if he'd heard him, Valente controls the ball and passes it to Neville and this guy shouts " Not to his fucking feet dickhead" I nearly pissed myself. Blue Boy Bobbins(18/08/08)""


Poor Phill just gets it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!


Have any of you heard some funny random rumblings at the match???????

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