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Goals, Goals And More Goals

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So here it is!! my 1st topic here!! \o/


As the title says, goals and more goals.


Link what you think is the best, your most important, and most painful. AND, since most of you are blues, try to vary a bit ;)


ok, best goal for me:


i've seen quite a lot, but

is to me, the best, and i have

SCIENCE to back it up :D


Mot important:

im gonna link 2:

The 1st one gave us our sole european silverware, in the far year of 1964, on the now defunct Cup Winner's Cup. this was the only goal scored on the replay, after a 3-3 draw on the final. at that time there was no overtimes or penalties.


is a big video, you don't have to see it all, since it's in portuguese, so... ;) But it was the goal that got us into the uefa cup final at our own stadium, which we sadly lost, but it was important, because 1st, i was alive to see it and experience, unlike the 1st one, and secondly, because it was the last game ever comentated by Jorge Perestrelo, a great sporting fan and the best radio comentator ever. even though u can't understand the words, you'll feel his emotions, his love for the game, and he's sorely missed...



Most painful goal:




i don't think i have to say anything else...



So come on, your turn, guys!!! get googling :D

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Most important- Barry Horne or Graham Stuart vs Wimbledon (1994)


Best goal- Stuart McCall v Liverpool (FA Cup Final 1988-89) (The chest and volley)


Most painful- Probably the 2nd Rush goal in extra time in the same game OR more recently the Gary Mcallister freekick against us in the derby.

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