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Uefa Seedings


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I know its too late to be talking about this and I probably wouldn't be writing this had we won last night but I've been saying it to all my mates since I knew we could have drawn Liege. How the fuck could a team with obvious quality definitely good enough to be in the CL group stages (especially this year a lot worse teams are in there) not be seeded in the draw? I know it goes on past year's performances but let's be real about it, Belgian football may not be the highest standard but they've always had 1 or 2 teams making progress and yet I see that Brugge, FC Twente and Partizan Belgrade appear to have been seeded but Liege not and I just want someone to explain to me why this was the case?? Sour grapes maybe but we've been knocked out by a decent side albeit not helped by too lack-lustre performances from our boys.

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There we're some very strange pairings all around in the UEFA this round. yours, Benfica-Napoli, udinese-Borussia.


There's always some pairings like these, when there's a lot of good seeded teams, and this is what happened. A lot of teams that belonged in group stages are left out because of this.


Next year, with a CL style format, more teams will qualify, so hopefully this won't be such a problem anymore.

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That's true as well it wasn't just us there were others who suffered the same fate. It just amazes me the sheer difference in quality of the teams all the other english teams got and Standard. Not sure about what they're doing next season but then I can't see us getting in it anyway so won't matter!

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I'd say that unfortunately you paid the price for poor Belgian earlier achievements and we nearly did. This team of ours clearly deserved to make the CL outright, but with the current system and Andershite results in the previous seasons, we have a mountain to climb before we get back straight in the CL. Let's hope our results (and Bruge's) this winter give us some breathing space.

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