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All steam:// links will only work if you already have

Steam installed on your PC.

Your internet browser can ask for confirmation [IE][Firefox] to run these links.


For ATI/AMD (Radeon) graphic card users:

Link: steam://hardwarepromo/305

- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [6]


For Nvidia (GeForce) graphic card users:

Link: steam://hardwarepromo/609

- Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

- Half-Life 2: Deathmatch [6]

- Peggle Extreme (free)

- Portal: First Slice (demo)


For all Steam users:

Between [1][4]: steam://install/29140

Codename Gordon: steam://install/92

COIL [1]: steam://install/31500

Mightier [1]: steam://install/29150

Peggle Extreme: steam://install/3483

Sam & Max: Episode 4: steam://install/8230

TrackMania Nations Forever [2]: steam://install/11020


Free addons and resources for already purchased games:

Counter-Strike (Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta access [3]): steam://install/150

Half-Life (high definition models - comparison): steam://installaddon/halflifehd (uninstall)

RACE 07 (Crowne Plaza Raceway track) [5]: steam://install/8670


Official MODs:

Age of Chivalry (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17510

D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17530

Dystopia (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17580

Eternal Silence (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17550

INSURGENCY (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17700

Mare Nostrum (requires Red Orchestra): steam://install/1230

Synergy (requires Half-Life 2): steam://install/17520

Zombie Panic! Source (requires Source SDK): steam://install/17500


Steam demos:






[1] mistakenly listed as a demo on storefront

[2] already included on TrackMania United

[3] deployed and deprected, but continues working

[4] mistakenly named as a demo on "My games" list

[5] will install addon on your title and a demo to run feature standalone

[6] does not include Source SDK tool (required to run some MODs)


== Updates ==

2009.04.30 Included links on required mods

2009.04.30 steam:// hyperlinks (thanks AciD!)

2009.04.30 Added COIL game (thanks boeiendhoer!)

2009.04.30 Added Mightier (thanks Kailieann!)

2009.05.02 Model comparison link on Half -Life HD models pack

2009.05.02 Half-Life HD models pack uninstallation link

2009.05.04 Synergy requirement fixed (thanks .Leo.!)

2009.05.04 steam:// links notification included

2009.05.12 Added Between (thanks mnickerson!)

2009.05.12 RACE 07 addon info added

2009.05.20 "Peegle" title fixed (thanks Suomis and sciss0rz!)

2009.05.25 Added free hardware offer notice (thanks frero!)

2009.06.01 Peggle Extreme listed on Nvidia offer

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