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Cristiano Ronaldo

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

what was he thinking with that handball? did he delibratellywant to send himself off or was it more case of a brain snap.


this season his attitude has been really poor and it looks like he is heading the same path as ronaldinho the way he has been playing this season.


He is a fantastic player and a joy to watch but fergie really needs to kick him up the arse

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I cant stand the greasy gimp and i agree Reg his attitude is going very sour he will leave United and will slowly fade away. The best player in the world far from it he has as already said a very poor attitude plus he never really shows up in big games or against teams that get stuck into him. Glad he was sent off and the sooner he fucks off abroad the better.

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i remember about 10 years ago or more, Dennis Wise catching the ball when playing for chelsea, and getting sent off. Just stuck his hands up and caught it for no reason. Straight away he realised what he'd done and was gutted but the ref had no choice.

That was so funny. I was talking about that with my mate after the Ronaldo incident, i loved that he just walked off the pitch even before the ref had a chance to make a decision. The look on his face was priceless

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