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Arteta Interview


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"Those who gave a lot, are loved and respected by fans back one hundred times over." - nice quote from him


Arsenal is just rumours.


He has a child due in June .


Playing for England is just a supporters website, he wants to play for Spain.


He also said he Luis Fernandez is like a father to him and he is close friends with Pepe Reina who he reminisces with as he has known him since he is 14. He says he has known Riera and Torres since he was 16.


He says its a regular thing to have 2 or 3 days off and sometimes they have parties and no one ever finds out!


He says its not often he eats out in public with Liverpool players because of what fans will think!

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Guest efctaxi

Here is the whole interview translated ( badly ) but you can figure out most of it :


Much cold in Liverpool, truth? We take tremendous month and a half. And as it grows dark at three and the average one of afternoon, it will include/understand that we do not have much to do. The other day speaks with Would laugh and it said to me that they often walk by Manchester. There is more diversion there? It is an alternative, yes. Another one is to join to us to have dinner in house of Pepe (Queen), of Xabi (Alonso), of Fernando (Towers ' off course') and to eat Japanese. In serious? Teachers in that we are! Also we know to go of purchases, to connect to us to Internet… We spend long time in house and more than I will pass: in June I will be father. Still we do not know if she will be young or young. His ' costilla' it is Vernal Lorraine, that was Miss Spain. Where fichó? In San Sebastián. It was born in Argentina, but her family settled there when she was two years old. We take six together ones already. That the Liverpool has been engaged in to all that helps us, clearly. With some it has relation from children. I was companion of bunk of Pepe Queen with 14 years, in the Masía of the Barça. I knew it to Towers with 16 and to It would laugh, more or less. With Xabi we played in the same equipment of lads, the Antiguoko of San Sebastián. How he was the one of the bunk? Traumatic! It slept in the one of above and it snored that there was to hear it. And as to shut up the others to him they threw slippers to him, when they did not guess right gave me and I swallowed a few. That way they walked Buckets, Motta, Iniesta… How it spends the time…! And its life in the Everton? Calm. We arrive prontito and we had breakfast all together ones. We train and we had lunch there. On the three we are from return to house. We are not very to walk by the street, normally we were to have dinner with the rivals, that people of the Liverpool, ja, ja! Often they give a pair us or three of free days, are custom here. We took advantage of then it to go to us to house or Barcelona, Madrid, perhaps Palm… Contentment, then. Much. With 32 or I will leave it to 34 and have all the life to make other things. Whatever it asks to me I advise to him that, if it can, it makes the suitcase and it lives this experience. You let his house with 15 years to go away to the Barça. Yes, he played in the Antiguoko and he trained to me once per week with the Athletic. It was all preparation to go to me to Bilbao, but it appeared Barcelona, my equipment of lad, and I cheered up. I was three years there and in January of the third party I was yielded to Paris Saint Germain. They exerted its option of cession and I returned one more season. Later it appeared the Rangers and I went away two years to Glasgow, it followed that one average season to him in the Real one and with this one they are already four those that I take in the Everton. And all that with 26 years; it is the curriculum of a soccer player of 35… What has been the best thing, Mikel? The one of Barcelona it was the experience prettier than I have lived. It had not left my house in San Sebastián and suddenly I saw myself sharing life and illusions with lads of Madrid, Extremadura, Catalonia, Galicia… It was another world, a jungle in which was to survive. I have cried of nostalgia next to Pepe Queen, Iniesta, Nano, Gallego who made début with Go Gaal. All we felt nostalgia of the family, all we cried sometimes and between all we were consoled. You are fighting reason why more you wish, but you are a child. There are short whiles that go bad… And in Paris, with the 18 to fulfill? There I had the luck to give with Luis Fernandez, who behaved with me like a father. I spoke with him it does nothing and it is like a motorcycle with that challenge to save to the Stade de Reims: what personage! In that one PSG they were Cristóbal Parralo, Pochettino, Heinze, people who spoke Castilian and who were an enormous aid. But dese counts that I had 17 years and they more than 30, some almost doubled the age to me. In that atmosphere it is necessary to mature and rapidito. All our emigrants of the ball I ask to them how they are grasped with the meals. You, besides ' japo' in house of Queen and company, what devours? It must come to see my pantry! It seems Elgoibar, ja, ja! The family when she comes does with two suitcases: one of food, until not being able to almost close it. He would be perfectly able to spend a month eating as if she was in house. From all ways, the passage by Glasgow came to me very well, knew the mentality British, deepened in the language. When I landed in Liverpool had much cattle. Speaking of Liverpool. What say to him to you that they will never say to those friendly his to me on the fight with Madrid? The truth is that it desired to them. Eliminatory one had never occurred that and they like to play against Spaniards, and more if it is Madrid. And I do not believe that they say more to me than they can say to him to you. Madrid is not at its better moment, but to two parties it can kill to you. Know they it. Which is the weak point of the Liverpool, it has if it? The truth is that it hides very well his defects, that are not many: the equipment of Benítez leaves very little margin for the error, as soon as they fail and if the rival does take advantage. If they are put ahead it is difficult to give the return to the party. But there is an equipment able to revert difficult situations, that is Madrid. Certainly the targets are conscious that they will have to be very concentrates all along and that the parties at night in Anfield are tremendous. What is going to push people its equipment! How it is the Liverpool-Everton rivalry? His has a greater dimension like club, mainly outside the city. Here he is everything very divided, the Everton is one of the historical ones of England and the rivalry is old. There is no aggressiveness, that is his sign of identity. one of the Liverpool does not insult me by the street. English soccer respects very many the soccer players, this is one of its clearer characteristics. And, good, when the eliminatory one arrives, average Liverpool will be of Madrid. Those of the Everton have clarísimo… And you? I do not know it clearly, ja, ja! On the one hand, by my friendship with all those, better if they win. They will be happy and I will be glad. But by another one… What will be to hold if they win! If fodder in that, it pulls ahead, Madrid! In 2007 they chose to you sport personage to him of Liverpool in fight with Gerrard, boxer Derry Mathews, the golfista Nick Dougherty… A joy, clearly. Yes, that one was a great moment. I received the prize in a new stage that is next to the museum of the Beatles. It surprised the nomination to me, clearly. The cross of its life was the short stage in the Real one. Yes, I passed it fatal. I was with much illusion, it returned to house, it was a pretty opportunity and it did not work. The club was in a complicated situation even in the social thing and I fell in the middle of everything. I began to play and he did not come out anything well, either to the equipment. The rightest and difficult decision that I took in my life was to march to me. I left by the door back my city, but he was the best thing for all. What learned? That when you are in the bench, the equipment goes the last one and everything is bitterness, already you can be in house that happy you are not. That happiness you have the equal it far. It had been seven years outside, my arrival was an event in house, but everything was woods and more woods until the day that I arrived and I said to them to my parents, to my grandparents, who went to me. It was a success, yes. And a thorn nailed for all the life. One comments that they could transfer to him in this month of January. What has of that? Rumors. That if the City, that if the Arsenal… The group of the Everton is short and we have six injured. It is not going to be easy to leave, but I do not become crazy either thinking it. I have three years more of contract here and they try to me well. The English clubs respect very many the soccer players. The first flag of the Everton that we knew in Spain was Gary Lineker. That it continues being an icon in the club? Clearly. The English have much memory, they never forget to which were his idols. An exit as the one of Ronaldinho in the Barça it would be impossible here. To that they gave much, the affection and the respect give back it to you multiplied percent. It is the greater difference with Spain? One of them. There we have president, sport director, trainer, the president of the Sport Commission… I, president see once every four months it… I see if it. Here the trainer-mánager commands, that he once speaks with the press per week and point. The liking worries than it spends the day of the party, the rest of the week we did not exist. When they give three holidays us, nobody finds out. We even enjoyed them after having lost if it were decided: that, in Spain would be reason for commentary and mess. Here, clothes mess is no. You were international in all the categories inferiors… He does not follow! For me it would be a very great joy that called the Selection to me, would enchant to me to play in that equipazo. I must hope, in my position is competition of the good one. I read that as in the case of Nacho Novo in Scotland it were spoken of the possibility of recruiting it for England. One considered in a Web of fans, because when you take five years in a country you can represent it in its selection. It will arrive that me in 2010. But it would desire more to me to do it with Spain.

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