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Keioc At The Public Inquiry


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I don't know how many people know but today it was KEIOC's turn to give evidence at the inquiry.


Trevor Skempton read out extracts from his summary was cross examined by Tesco's QC. He wanted to know about what experience he had and tried to discredit him. The QC backed off when he was told. It turns out Mr Skempton was invited to enter a competition to redesign the Nou Camp and has worked on Villa Park, St. Andrews, St. James Park and built two 20k+ Athletic stadiums in the country.


Dave Kelly was asked really strange questions about how KEIOC could afford to hire planes and rent rooms for open exhibitions, I think the QC was under the impression that there was a mysterious benefactor behind the scenes throwing money around. When it was revealed there wasn't he stopped asking questions.


Dave Thompson told the inquiry about the transport problems, the QC didn't wish to cross examine.


Colin Fitzpatrick was asked about alternative ways of financing the deal without the borough needing to give land away. The QCs didn't wish to cross examine.


It was decided that no weight was to be given to ballot and it was thought unnecessary to explain how the EGM came about. Mr Clarkson, QC for Tesco said that he didn't agree with anything in the EGM document and earlier requested that it should not be included in the inquiry.

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