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I Am Baffled By The Transfer Policy


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By rights we should be happy to be in a relegation fight. clubs like Wigan, Fulham, Sunderland, WBA, Boro etc etc have all spent money pretty consistenly over the last few years. Bringing in the same sort of value of player as everton. They also are all probably in and around the same levels as revenue as us. So why the hell can they afford to go out and get players in this transfer window (And the last) when we are really struggling to do even the meagrist of deals. I mean over last season we broke even on transfer deals. So where does all the TV/Sponsorship/gate receits go to.


Our expenditure (except for fellani and Yak) has been pretty equal to that of the clubs mentioned above and we probably get bigger gates than most of them.


I am really frustrated. I mean I know moyes does well with the bargains but we never seem on the front foot. We had just got the defence and forwards on a par of what I would expect and then he sells AJ and replaces him with an injury prone has been. Not to mention that we need atleast 2 5mil-10mil midfielders/ wingers.


What adds to this frustration is to see certain players who would undoubtably add to our team going to rival clubs for low fees/frees and loans Some examples.


Bullard (before he went to fulham)

Keane (before Spurs)


Diarra (before Pompey)

Marlon King



I am sure there are lots more!!!

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Bullard (before he went to fulham) - like him but not what we need

Keane (before Spurs) - you're joking?

Pennant - idiot.

Diarra (before Pompey) - very expensive

Marlon King - wouldn't improve us

Mido - wouldn't improve us


Tim is doing an amazing job and we have forwards coming back soon. Saha should be ready in a week and Yak will be back before the end of the season.


Anichebe can play up front too.


I know the situation is ideal but I don't want any panic buys that result in dead wood at the club.


We are doing OK. Tim is banging them away but we need the midfield to start contributing.

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I am not looking to get a loan stiker in who is going to score 20 goals between now and the end of the season but someone to cover tim if he gets injured yesterday.


I think we Moyes has two choices neither of which he is taking play the youth he has given contracts to. or by short term replacements.


Saha is not the answer he will never be fit for half a season

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