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Facts For The Fatman (across The Park)

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i found this on another forum dont know if anyones seen it , pretty much bang on to me !!!!!!


So, Rafa Benitez thinks Everton play to not lose and don't try and win games. On Sunday with the scores level at one apiece, Everton settled for the draw with a weakened side.


What did he expect? Did he want this weak side to come flying out and give his team the freedom to do whatever he pleases?


With regards to Mr Benitez I am not going to talk about his mind games, only facts.


In the UEFA Champions League 2004-05 Liverpool won it, albeit with more fortune than a positive tarot card reading. Why were they so fortunate? Because they played a tactical style so identical to Everton's on Sunday even a blind man could see it.


Juventus in Turin, Chelsea over two legs and then 114 minutes of desperate defending in the final against Milan, after six minutes where they actually ventured out of their halfway line, similar to the amount of minutes Everton did on Sunday!


I'm sure every Evertonian (and Manchester United fan) had a giggle as Mr Moustache embarrassed himself with his 'factsheet'. Well here are some facts for you Mr Benitez.


1. He said Meester Ferguson was the only manager who is not puunisshed.




Ferguson was punished after comments made about the referee against Hull City earlier in the season.




Meester Ferguson wouldn't be the only manager anyway to avoid action. Both Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho were accused by the FA of labelling Andy Johnson a cheat after their comments, but where was Mr Benitez's talking to after he declared, as if he was blind, that Joleon Lescott had cheated in the final seconds of the 'Clattenburg derby'? He got nothing. Only manager who isn't poonished? Try looking in the mirror Rafa.


2. He thinks Meester Ferguson is the only manager who complains about fixtures and playing away after every European Cup game.




Mr Benitez has whined incessantly about fixtures throughout his tenure in charge at Liverpool. In 2006-07, he complained about the hardest away fixtures being in the first half of the season, and last season he bawled petulantly as Liverpool were forced to go to Portsmouth for a 12.45 kick off three days after a game in Europe. Hypocrisy? You bet.


He also wants to do away with FA Cup replays as well, something Meester Ferguson has never complained about.



3 Benitez thinks United are favoured by referees.




This season Xabi Alonso's acting skills have resulted in about 36363653 red cards for opposition players against Mr Benitez's side. United have had two players red carded against them.


The last time an opposition penalty was given at the Kop was October 2005. So who exactly is being favoured Rafa?



So what is it with this guy? Why do Liverpool fans think he's the messiah? Is baiting Everton and United fans good enough to make him some sort of legend? Given there's a chance he might go three seasons without a trophy (something the likes of Shankly, Paisley, Dalglish wouldn't dream of) you wonder where he gets his hero's reputation from.


At least Meester Ferguson attends lower league games and understands what grass roots football is. Mr Benitez just wants to kill the grass roots game by making the lower divisions full of Premier League reserve sides!


Rafa Benitez- football's king of hypocrisy.

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