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Stupid Things You've Done While Drunk Thread


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From the most recent nights out:


*Tried to throw a bottle of beer, but forgot to let go, splashed some people, ran away.

*Broke a guitar.

*Pissed on my mate.

*Crapped in my lift.


I've got loads more but because of a combination of laziness and embarrassment I won't write them down.


Any more drunken memories out there?

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Guest efctaxi

I don't condone 16 year olds drinking , especially getting drunk :angry:


Having said that , the only stupid thing I've ever done when drinking is missing last orders :P

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last night this one - projectile vomit, then when the bouncer came over to wake someone up i blamed it on him then declared that i feel sorry for the cleaners after what the sleeping man "had done".


another one is pouring alcohol into my eyeball, bloodshot eye for a week.


robbed a street sign, pissed on a car frontwindow whilst standing on the bonnet, put a bra over my clothes in the asda at 4 in the morning.

i have many more but wont go there...

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