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Mr Moyes


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After reading/listening to a lot of press interviews with DM recently it is becomingly increasingly apparent that his attitude towards all football related issues is to be not only as controversy free as possible, but seemingly take an ever so slight moral high ground. He refuses to get drawn on the comments of those managers who try to belittle our club, and responds with dignity. He replies with respect when questioned about other clubs players, where many other managers fail. We hear no excuses about injuries or duff purchases coming from him. He is championing the great traditions of the English game more and more, and even starting to commend Refs more often than slate them. One of my RS mates today questioned how genuine he actually is, and has suggested he is dipping his toes into the mind games. We agreed that as Rafa rapidly, and very publically falls to pieces across the park, DM is slowly but surely endearing himself to football fans of all teams. Not just for the achievements of a threadbare squad that fights for each other, but with the way he, as a manager conducts himself. The questions are, Is this the real Moyes? Would we be hearing the same if the results were different? Is he saying what he believes, or will normal service resume after a victory tomorrow night?

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