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Everton Players Not Coveted


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Guest efctaxi
While our players might be liked by other clubs why don't we ever really ever see any transfer speculation about them (arteta aside).


You would think the big clubs would be all over Jags, Lescott, Arteta & Cahill?


I'm glad of this fact though!


Not every club manager behaves like Redknapp .

There are possibly many enquiries for our players , but if things are done the correct way , then the news doesn't come out unless negotiations are accepted .

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Plus think about it, our squad is so small we wouldn't sell unless it was a periphery player that could get rid of (van der meyde, valente, anichebe if we had fit strikers) and we wouldn't get much for them....the bigger players are too important to go at this stage in the season, arteta may be linked with arsenal but nobody would be stupid enough to try and get pienaar, osman, cahill, jags or lescott off us, simply because we'd just have to go out and get a player to the exact same job for the same money....


In the summer things might change, if we do get champs league expect a higher profile of player to consider playing for us, and if we do get a monetary bonus for winning the cup and the champs league spot, i wouldn't be too surprised if players who seemed destined to stay here to move on. Part of evolution is cutting the wheat from the chaff, as much as our players are valuable to us now, because we don't have cover, if we bring in players over the summer then there could very well be a lot of speculation over some of our bigger players...

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