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Efc V Lfc Joke

Guest efctaxi

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Guest efctaxi

Unfortunately at the Merseyside derby , a floodlight fell on to the pitch killing David Moyes and Rafa Benitez instantly , who had been stood together on the touchline .


Upon arrival to heaven , St Peter greeted the 2 managers , and after a warm welcome , informed them that they would be taken to their new accomodation .


When Rafa walked down the path , he was very pleased indeed .


A very pretty cottage , red gravel driveway , with beautiful red and white roses either side of the door .

Upon opening the door , he noticed pictures hanging on the wall of LFC greats past and present from Bill Shankly to Bob Paisley , Kenny Dalglish to Ian Rush , and right in the middle was an even larger portrait of his good self .


This is fantastic thought Rafa , when all of a sudden , he heard the sound of wonderful voices .

As he listened closer , he realised it was the sound of 40,000 Liverpool supporters all singing you'll never walk alone in beautiful harmony from the cd player in the corner . I'll be very happy here he chuckled to himself and set off upstairs to admire the rest of the house .


As he got to the master bedroom , in all it's glory , he couldn't help noticing a bit of a commotion further up the hill , so moved closer to the window for closer inspection .


To his dismay , he saw an enormous mansion at the top of the hill , draped in blue and white .

Outside were tall golden statues of Everton Legends surrounding the enormous grounds . A moat ran across the garden full of crystal clear Mersey water , and at the other side of the mansion was a complete reconstruction of the Gwladys Street stand , and in every seat was an angel dressed in appropriate attire singing the most incredible versions of every Everton song Rafa had ever heard .

As he walked further up the hill toward the 50 ft gates of saphires and diamonds in the shape of the Everton badge , he could see a party in full flow , and there was David Moyes being hurled up into the air by stunningly beautiful angels dressed only in Everton scarves to the sound of For He's A Jolly Good Fellow .


Well Rafa wasn't best pleased at all , so he ran back down the hill , and demanded that St Peter summon God straight away . :angry:


God appeared , and Rafa said " Sorry God , my house is stunning , and I'm extremely grateful , but why does David get the enormous Everton mansion , the golden statues , the singing angels and all the other incredible things that are so much better than what I have ? "


God laughed and said " Dear Rafa , I'm sorry but you have it all wrong ".


" It's not David's house ......... it's mine " . :P

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