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Authorisation Mismatch

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It has recently been brought to my attention that some users have experienced this message whilst trying to log in to the site.


The following explains why this can happen and I have attempted to explain a workaround that MAY help you.


It can be caused by connecting using different Internet Service Providers throughout the day for example logging on at work and then at home or as explained below;


This error is not from upgrading our forum board to the recent newer version but it is infact a new security feature called "stronghold" developed for this board by the company who create the forum software.


When you log into the forum, an authorization key is created based on your registration date and your email address

A stronghold cookies session is created with your authorization key along with your IP address, if your IP changes due to a proxy service, the cookies created for your session is no longer valid and the forum software terminates your log in status (it logs you out)

You must close the browser and re-login to establish the proper cookies session


A Proxy server can change your IP address without your knowledge. Whether you're using the actual proxy service or your ISP has you connected with their own proxy, this can cause sudden IP address change. Not all users might be effected but if you are an AOL user the rate of IP shift, reassign, is greater than those who are with other broadband services.


Try these steps if you are an Internet Explorer user:


1. Place www.toffeetalk.com as trusted zone by going to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites

2. Try disabling privacy or security software running which might block javascript of the setting of cookies. Some anti-virus, ad blocker or firewall programs can block cookies from being set from off line place.

3. Clear cache, cookies and all offline files. This is important! (beware that you will lose data from other websites too such as your login status at hotmail)

4. Close the browser and reopen to visit www.toffeetalk.com


If you are a Firefox user:


1. Place toffeetalk.com as allowed by going to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies (check accept cookies from sites) > Exceptions > type toffeetalk.com and click ALLOW

2. Close the browser and reopen to visit toffeetalk.com


One other thing that may help if you are experiencing this, do not forget to log out before leaving our board. If the old session cookies exists and you're trying to post, the newly created cookies and old cookies will not match up. So in order to have a valid session, you should log out to clear the old session cookies.

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