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No Euro Place For City

Guest efctaxi

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Guest efctaxi

I wonder what will happen at City now that they have failed to get into Europe .


Will the manager stay ?


Will the big targets be interested in joining them ?


Will the current big names want to stay ?


Will there be some bargains as they reshuffle ?

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Guest efctaxi

Many of the City fans think the way forward is without Hughes , but they're an ungrateful bunch in many ways , as they are a bog standard team , with nothing to shout about by tradition , but don't have any patience with their new found opportunity .


I think they will struggle to get the top players in now , unless they are prepared to accept players who only care about the money .

Can you imagine Messi and co thinking ' heck , I'll give up my life in the sun , leave my successful club , and go play for a mediocre team with no European action for a few extra bob ' ?


Players who are already there will be fairly disheartened by now .

I'm sure Robinho will be delighted at the prospect of mediocrity , and will be telling all his superstar friends how wonderful it is to be at City . :unsure:


There will be a clear out for sure , so I'm wondering if Jo might simply be written off , and sold for an affordable price .

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