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Very Important..help Me Find A Blue Nose. ...


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Hi All,



Sorry to interupt, but I need some help. As daft as this sounds, I'm trying to track down an Everton fan I met when I was away travelling in Oz. I've lost contact with him, but would like to try and get in touch a) because he's a good lad and i can meet up with him before our games ( clarets fan if you've not already guessed). Here's the vague bit -


He's called PHIL and I reckon he'll be 35-36 now. massive blue and goes on with his dad. He was in landed in Oz fabout May-June 2003. I met him at the Yellow Sub Backpackers in Brisbane. He then moved down to Sydney. I met up with him in Sydney NY 2003-2004 eve day and was meant to meet uo with him that night but I've not seen him since. I even stood outside the away end when we's played in a friendly in August 2004, but never saw him. He was hanging around with another scouse lad called MILESY or MYLSEY (spelling) he was about the same age but was a red . when he was living in sydney. I know he's from a biggish family and he's got gingerish hair - if that helps.


If anyone can help - feel like cilla - or know of anywhere else I can post then let me know.


Good luck next season lads


Up the Clarets

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It may be worth contacting the Australia Everton supporters club?



cheers for the advise louis but he's actually from Liverpool and was onl;y in Oz for a year. I suspect he'll have been back in the UK around summer 04 as he only had a year working Visa. I do know that prior to him coming over he was a season ticket holder so I know he'll be going on the games, it's just a case of tracking him down.



thanks again.


p.s what jacobson like?? apparently we've been linked with him off you's??

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