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"exciting Times"

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Guest efctaxi
"I think we are all looking forward to the introduction of new players.


"But we have to remember if we get players that have been injured during the last season back, they will be like new players for us. And with them returning we have to have a successful season


It might be exciting when you are connected to the club , and know exactly who you want .


Not so exciting though when the club fails to reassure fans that they actually have someone in mind , and instead leave their fans in the cold , knowing only that all around them clubs are investing , and seeing rumoured targets bought by other clubs .


It's supposed to be the Peoples Club , even if self claimed , so perhaps a statement on the website reassuring the fans that though they won't tell us who the targets are for obvious reasons , those targets still remain within reach , and the club is in a good position to find success in the window .


I don't buy into the ' it's only July ' thing at all .

We should be very organised and have a clear budget and potential players already well under our radar .


The biggest transfers the world has ever seen have already happened .

Most clubs in the Prem are well under way with their targets .


We don't have so much as a definite link to go on , nor do the club assure us publically that we won't lose anyone either , despite huge rumours regarding our players .


Are we really going to be fighting over the scraps other clubs didn't want again ?

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