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Karl-Michael Hunt

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karl-michael Hunt the brisbane Broncoes and Australian Player (i would not know his position in rugby league)


has decided to switch codes and is Joining The Gold Coast Australian Football league team in 2011!


Massive news he is a very good player from what i hear (i dont watch rugby cant stand the shit) and he is joining AFL!

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I thought this was bullshit at first when I heard the original stories before he actually signed, couldn't believe it when I saw him holding the guernsey up.


As for how he'll go? Well he is a fantastic Rugby League player, burst onto the scene as starting fullback for the Broncos at age 17, ever since his debut he's been absolutely outstanding, even in his first season at that young age he started almost every game thoughout the season. A massive loss for Rugby League, however I don't know if he'll be able to cut it out in such a vastly different game.


Still good luck to him.

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To be fair Karmichael as he prefers to be called, is a quality athlete although I reckon he's a bit overrated as rugby league player. probably about 4th choice fullback for the Kangaroos now.


League is well known for producing good athletes and boxers (Mundine, Haumono, Money-Bill etc) but be interesting to see how he gets on playing another code.

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