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Selection Dilema


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I'm just trying to figure exactly where Moyes is going with with respect to his strongest 11 and its formation.


There's no doubt Rodwell will be an automtic selection given his current displays. Not only is he our best performer but he's also knitting the whole team together. Moyes still understandably still mentions his age and that we have to use him in the right games etc but for me he's already too good to leave out. We actually start passing the ball and keeping possesion with him in the side.


With Rodwell, we can also play Arteta in the centre. This gives us, for the first time I can remeber (since 84/85) a centre midfield that is actually comfortable on the ball. The form Arteta showed in the centre before his injury means we can't just put him back on the right wing just to get some shape to the side.


We don't really have any out and out wingers, more indside left (Pienaar) and again indside left with new signing Bily. I can only assume he plans to play Pienaar on the right.


We must face facts and agree Osman isn't good enough for any team wanting to break into the top four.


Moyes insists on playing 4-5-1 with probably either Yakubu or Saha, so do we play either Cahill or Fellaini ?


Or his he planning some rotation with Neville/Rodwell, Arteta/Osman, Cahill/Fellaini supporting the striker or Pienaar/Bily on the left ?


Althought its potentially looking a much better squad, will Moyes fall into the trap of not actually knowing what his best 11 is ?

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I think the fact that Moyes has spent so long building this entire squad will help him steer clear of not knowing what his best 11 is. Besides, only bad managers can't see their best 11 as the season progresses. The fact is that players on form should play, as best as is possible.


Out and out wingers worth their salt cost too much money these days for us to have but both Bily and Pienaar are likely to be more than adequate replacements IMO.


I'm desperate to see us play 4-4-2 and hope that Moyes' hand is forced into it.


I totally disagree about you with Rodwell and am on Moyes' side. He is not *that* good . . . yet.

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