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Liverpool 'fans' Reactions To Torres Wanting Out

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Hi just on the NOTW sport website, they have a story... 'ROY HODGSON believes he has done all he can to keep Fernando Torres at Liverpool'.


"Unfortunately, I cannot do much more," admitted Hodgson. "His beef is with the club and not me."


now onto the 'loylist' fans in the country's fans reaction to this.


'If Torres was a horse he wud have been put down by now with all these injuries'


'If Torres wants to go, let him Eff Off!!! He is the last vermin if Rafa's psychology'


'an unappreciative, non back tracking, prima donna called Torres'


'We made Torres a king now he feels bigger than the club. Off with his head, I say!'


'the T man he had a lousy season and blamed it all on pool... Had he put Pool first and not had his op so he could play for spain. Pool might have made it into the champions league'.


'Take 60m! Fernando Torres Chelsea's number 9 Ta ta ta ta ta... =)'


'Yes 60 million is a good price for a lame horse its now or never Roy,get rid of him'


'why go to Chelsea?? He has shown that the pl is to tough for Him, in surprised Rafa doesn't want him?'


'I say good redance the last two seasons did'nt gave the club much. If he were a racing horse they sold him long time ago for meat.'


'Let him go, he's too injury prone anyway. Maybe some sort of deal could be done to bring ashley cole here instead.'


'Bye bye. Unlike Gerrard who actually wants to leave but is over priced after being getting found out during the World Cup, Torres will have no problems getting a move. Adios'





Ouch, i do love it when the Anfield whinge factor is cranked up to 11, oh those RS guys do make me smile. hehe.

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