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Lo all.


I wont bang on as I know the pain you feel right now (beleive me I do heh)


One thing I noticed was so many posts asking for Moyes to be sacked...you know more than me but as a nuetral I eckon this would be madness. Impossible to compete with the magamoney plastic teams I reckon these days.


RE Beckford, I hope he does well for you but I wasd one of a majority of Leeds fans who thought he wasnt even good nough for LEague one on the majority of matches....he as simply playing at the sharp end of a half decent side in a shite division...and took all the plaudits or it when others were far more deserving (Kisnorbo was out player of the season fans and players by a mile for example). Anyways, hope he does well but id be fricking amazed. We always thought it was like playing with ten players when he was on the pitch half he time...we only got our promotion back on track when he was finally dropped.

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Given the right ball he can score goals, but as you say...as a hold up player with footballing brain...you might as well go get any RAC man off the street at times.


For all his praise....im glad he left leeds (and no it isnt sour grapes).


We are looking a much better outfit without him, but still a lot of work to do.


How many times has he dropped to the floor holding the back of his head so far this season? Dont tell me hes got out of that habit now hehe.

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