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Get Tickets (Everton Spanish Supporter)

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Hello! I´m a everton´s supporter from Spain, I´ve followed the team since Arteta was signed up, and bit by bit, I´ve gone loving this team, and together my city club(Malaga CF), Everton is my favourite! (In spain , we can watch lots of premier league matches)


I´d like to receive some help, In february I´ll have the ocassion to spend three days in Liverpool, and I´m wishing watch a Everton Match in Live, I´ll be there on february 23, and I´d like watch the match against Birmingham , It would be a dream for me, But the match starts at 20:00 and I´ll arrive about 18:00 to Liverpool, I´d like buy the tickets before the match, when I get reach the stadium , but I don´t know if I´ll have any problems to get the tickets, Will be difficult get a ticket for this match?It would be a pity , if whole were be sold out.


Thanks for the help!!! And sorry for my poor english. Greetings!!!

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You can register for e-ticketing to buy the ticket before you leave your home.


This can be done at https://eticketing.e...gistration.aspx


The website says this:


Home Match Ticket – your ticket(s) will be posted to the address you have given if purchased 72 hours prior to the game day. For purchases after this time you should collect your tickets from the Bullens Road Ticket Office AT LEAST 2 HOURS PRIOR TO KICK OFF. You should bring the payment card used to purchase this order, and a printed copy of this email as proof of purchase.


So you need to order within 2 days of leaving for Liverpool otherwise the club will post it to Spain. I think you can order earlier and send an email to boxoffice@evertonfc.com requesting that they keep the ticket at the box office so you can collect it at Goodison Park.


The Bullens Road Ticket Office: Map

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