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Greetings From The Other Side


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Good morning everyone!


In due time you will get to know me and the reason for stepping in.


Me name's Kris - football supporter since... ever

(I am sure I was supporting Cracovia in me mom's womb as an act of rebellion against her Wisla Cracow)


Currently Ireland, Cracow - place of birth, Slovakian+AustroHungarian origins, Scottish conenctions. Terribly lethal mix.


I will be totally honest - as some of you may know already who do I support - I am registering here not to spy.


But to ask a favour


Facebook & Lucozade have a competition undergoing at the moment. 5aside teams fighting challenges for a place in a London's tournament.


http://apps.facebook.com/lucozadefansfives is the link to it if you are on facebook.


You simply click on FIND YOUR CLUB and vote.




I am also supporting ORIGIONALS & CO. from EVERTON.


So..me favour, although very demanding (and I would not be surprised if you went ballistic on me), is very simple.


If you have two seconds, follow the link and vote for ORIGIONALS & CO from your dear club.


If you happen to find another two seconds and wouldn't mind voting for THIS IS ANFIELD from LIVERPOOL. Jolly days.


Mods, feel free to delete this if you think it breaches a code of conduct on your forum.


Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the season!


Yours sinefully,



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