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Evertonians, we need your support!

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Hello Evertonians, if you think this message is inappropriate, please delete it, and excuse us.
We would like to present you a game (LigaUltras.com) with real clubs, real championships, where supporters decide the fate of their team! --- The more supporters, the merrier.

We manage Everton FC, and we strongly need your help to break through the championship! Other clubs already have hundreds of supporters due to ad spamming.

We won't write too many rows here, we just share with you our facebook page, and there, you will find all details, and if you have any questions, you can ask there.

Thank you for your time, and we are sorry if we bothered you.

3212.png Logo.jpg

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Hello! Your help will be greatly appreciated, because until now (7 matches /// 5th place) i was like one man army, but i ran out of budget, and i don't know how to manage it, without investing real money. Other clubs can easy manage this because they already have hundred of supporters.


If anybody is interested into playing this game and helping Everton club, please write here a message / follow us on fb: https://www.facebook.com/evertonfcligaultras or send me a PM on fb (team-manager's profile): https://www.facebook.com/sanducristianalexandru and i will guide you.



Have a nice day, evertonians!

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A hard worked goal in 93rd minute and all the 3 points came to us!
Congratz for the boys who created choreographies and our manager who was all in (running out of budget) for this match!

From now on, we really need more fans to support the team, due to the lack of budget for our team manager, S.Alex, who really leaded us to each victory this season. Today, our supporters registered their highest influence in this season :) Let's wish them to many!

Current leaderboard:


Match facts:
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At the end of the season we eneded on the 7th place (a place secured from the middle of the championship), which by me, it is very honnorable, since we have so few supporters, and a job for hundred of supporters we did in only a few.


The next season will be way harder, the other teams already have 600+ supporters and higher players (since the rule of the game states that cannot transfer more than 3 foreign players, having so few supporters, we do n't have English players to take them in the team, unlike other clubs).


So, any help would be appreciated, if you want to start playing this browser simulator.



Cheers blues!

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