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Premier League tickets and supporters


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Hi Everton fans, I hope your all well.

I'm doing some research on the Premier league and problems with tickets (to see if it is a real problem or not, and to how many people).
I would love your honest feedback to a few questions if you could help out with honest answers.
Im trying to get some solutions.

1) Do you have problems getting tickets to premier league games, if so, how often does this occur.

2) How often would you like to see a live Premier League match

3) How often could you afford to go

4) What do you do when you cannot go, or what other solutions do you try to see a game

5) If you had an opportunity to enter a prize/competition to win an elite VIP box so you and your friends or family could watch your team play, how much would you be willing to pay to enter this elite prize.

Thanks for your time in helping out, I appreciate it.

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