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As you are probably aware we have had a few issues with Liverpool Fans coming on generally spouting utter shi*e about everything. These people/members have hopefully all now been banned.


Please note that we do not mind if you wish to contribute to our forum, we can not help it if you Liverpool fans feel the need to talk about the mighty blues. We know you can't help it you were born like that... a closet blue :lol:


Any members that are guilty of either posting crap, or generally being a pain in the ar$e will receive a warning either by 'Email' or 'Publicly' in the forum. If continued you will then be banned. We can not say fairer than that.


We now have a full admin team in place that are ready to police the streets of Toffee Talk, making it a better place all round.


If any one has any issues with this please either email me or a member of the admin/mod team.


Thanks and Goodnight :D



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