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Jean-marc Bosman

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In this month's 442 there is an interview with Jean-Marc Bosman. He agreed to do the interview providing the magazine put his bank details at the end of the article so that any footballers who have moved under the bosman can make a donation. Bosman currently lives on benefits because he has no money after fighting his case (it cost over £175,000. I can't see the likes of Sol Campbell giving anything away.


My question is, is Bosman right to be asking for donations from footballers who've made moves under his ruling ? He says "I should be living like a star not because of anything on the pitch, I was an average player but because I fought to the point where I had nothing left. We were just like slaves, we were just told to go, play and shut up".

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hmmm i dotn think players themselves should have to pay anything however i think fifa should ... the mans right and he fought for a worthy cause but to ask players to give away their money...not gonna happen . the company who has adopted the rule should pay him money, surely they would have to tto use his name, you would think

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