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Nt Password Help


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I purchased a laptop for my girlfriend on ebay, it say it has an NT Password which is provided. So I though ok ill buy it format it and ill be ok.


Problem 1


It has pointsec on it! I have a password for this


Problem 2


I only have local access on NT so I cant format my c: for CMD


Problem 3


My Bios is password protected so I cant get in there


Problem 4


It has no CD Drive as it is one of those small Panasonic laptops and I wont allow me to boot from USB drive.


Im i buggered or is their a way of hacking into the system and retrieving an admin password and entering the BIOS.


Serves me right for trying to save a few pounds hey!

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This is probably far too late to be of any use, but there should be a jumper on the mainboard that will clear the cmos, which will reset all bios settings. You should then be able to get into the bios and set it to boot off usb. from then on you should be able to format your c drive and install whatever you like.

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