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for once luck was with us. it was a tough game that took a lot of grit and mental and physical toughness to get thru.


thats what was lacking against manu, i'm glad to see it back again. it was fighting spirit that won us a lot of points last season and gave us 4th spot.


big dunc was his usual self and it was good to see him play the full 90 minutes for a change.


yobo looked good. he seems to have recovered from last weeks mistake and he played well in defence.


phil neville looks like being a great buy.


even if they manage to get thru the defence theyve still got nigelmartyn to deal with.


a lot of teams will be happy to get a 1 - 0 win at the reebok. :lol:

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Good call mate i thought we played our plums off and yes we were llucky to get away with a win but at the same time i don't really care how we earn the 3 points as long as we get em .


Credit to Big Nige and Davey Weir who were superb today and also Marcus Bent who hit the back of the net ( for once :lol: ) instead of row Z .

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Guest fozzie22

Twas a cracking result,but the injurys are begining to pile up,so new faces are now needed.


Typically the shortsightedness of the board may well come back and bite us on the arse.

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