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Now that Everton Lad seems to have got Xbox live there seems to be a fair few of us with Xbox live. I know I am only a silver member at present I have a one month card to use but am waiting for the Halo 3 beta on May 16th. Just wondering what games everyone has, and if there is a common game that everyone has so that we could maybe organize a TT game on something on Xbox live preferably after May 9th when my final uni exams finish. Anyway games I have that would be ok for a game on Xbox live are:



Texas Hold'em

Virtua Tennis 3


Jetpac Refuelled

TMNT 1989 Arcade

TigerWoodsPGATOUR 07

Gears of War



Rainbow Six Vegas


Crackdown - Can't play this more than 2 player but will give me access to Halo3 beta :)


Btw mods I posted this in the off topic section rather than the games section cos this section isn't exactly overflowing with new topics at the moment and if I put it in the misc games section no one would read it anyway. :P

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As I said I can't do much until May 16th when my uni exams are over but after that I am up for a game on Vegas, most people also have gears of war so we could play that 4 vs 4. Don't think I would be good at hosting as our broadband connection is shared between a few of us in our house, anyone got a really super connection?

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It rates how good the connection to that game will be, if its green, you will (or should) get a good connection, yellow the connection will be ok and red it may be a little shitty. Ping is like an estimation of the delay between things happening and you seeing them so it is ideal to have a low ping. The host of any game is going to have the best ping cos they are the host of the game and there will be no delay between an event i.e. someone firing a gun and the information about that event being sent to their game. So for example if you had a ping of like 400 or something and you were firing at the host of the game who had a ping of zero they would be at an advantage cos they see the events with no delays and your ping means that you might see them firing at you until about 1/2 a second after they had actually done it which could make all the difference :P

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haha thanks for that :)

anyways...anyone up for a game on vegas later tonight?


i might do but im having mates and girlfriend round for drinks and listen to music.


for uk you usually have green dots


us yellow to red


and people downloading and australia red.

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Woohoo, just had my last uni exam the nightmare is over. Anyone on here up for a game on Xbox Live tonight? I realise I should be out getting wasted but half my mates have moved home and the other half still have exams to do so I have to postpone my celebrations for a bit. :P

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